Title Created Date Author
The living nightmare of the civil war in Libya – imperialism is responsible! 25 April 2019 Roberto Sarti
The rise of the ''slave market'' in Libya and the hypocrisy of the EU 15 June 2017 Meisam Sharifi
Five years after Gaddafi's death: The balance sheet of imperialist intervention 03 November 2016 Roberto Sarti
Libya – a new imperialist intervention is being prepared 14 March 2016 Roberto Sarti
Libya – No to imperialist intervention! 26 February 2015 Roberto Sarti
After the death of Gaddafi: Revolution and counterrevolution in Libya 21 October 2011 Alan Woods
Libyan oil workers strike for the removal of managers linked to Gaddafi 21 October 2011 Jorge Martin
Libya: the struggle intensifies 23 August 2011 Alan Woods
After the fall of Tripoli: The way forward for the Libyan Revolution 22 August 2011 Alan Woods
The nature of the Gaddafi regime – historical background notes 06 April 2011 Fred Weston
Libyan Interim Government – agents of imperialism 01 April 2011 Fred Weston
Support Libyan revolution, Oppose imperialist aggression! 21 March 2011 Fred Weston
Libyan revolution and imperialist meddling 18 March 2011 Fred Weston
Why has the revolution stalled in Libya? 17 March 2011 Fred Weston
Venezuela and Libya: it is not an April 11 coup, it is a February 27 Caracazo 04 March 2011 Jorge Martín
No to imperialist intervention in Libya 01 March 2011 Fred Weston
The truth about the present revolutionary uprising in Libya 01 March 2011 Lucha de Clases (Venezuelan section of the IMT)
Uprising in Libya: Tremble, tyrants! 23 February 2011 Alan Woods