Letter from Palestine (23.12.00) - On the Israeli elections and Arafat's negotiating efforts

This is the latest letter from the Palestinian Socialist Students on the question of the Israeli elections and Arafat's negotiating efforts.

December 23, 2000

Dear comrades:

Firstly, about the Israeli elections, we know from experience that BARAK and SHARON are two faces of the same coin. SHARON was the man who slaughtered the Palestinians in the SABRA&SHATILLA camps in Lebanon in 1982. It is the same with BARAK who was also a dirty assassin in the 1980s , when he killed three Palestinian leaders in the heart of BEIRUT. 

But we mustn't only talk about history, right? Let's talk now about the present: 

In Barak's era, dozens of Israeli settlements were set up in Palestinian territory, while the lives of Palestinians inside Israel are treated as cheap: it does not matter whether they live or die. The percentage of Israelis who hate Arabs is now at its highest level, and the peace process is going in a dark unclear way. 

The Arafat leadership is going from bad to worse. While the Intifada goes forward, Arafat is sitting with his negotiating team in WASHINGTON, and waiting for Clinton or even Bush's commands! 

Well, we wish you a happy new year, even though for us it's not very happy but we hope that it will be in the future. That's all for now.


(Palestinian Socialist Students)