New Book By Lal Khan - Lebanon Israel War

The Struggle publications in Pakistan have released a new book by Lal Khan on the latest war between Israel and Lebanon. The book not only traces through the history of the conflict between Israel and Lebanon but looks at the history of wars and revolutions in the Middle East.

"The latest attack on Lebanon by America through Israel could be one of the last hiccups of the world capitalist system. This attack could also be considered a successful suicide attempt by this system," says Munno Bhai, commenting on a recently published book on current the Lebanon/Israel war by Lal Khan. The book was published by The Struggle Publications in Lahore.

The book discusses not only the current conflict between Lebanon and Israel in detail but also looks at the history of wars and revolutions in the whole region. The changing role of Iran in the region and the spectre of an imperialist attack on Iran are also discussed in detail.

The burning situation in Palestine and the internal contradictions in Al- Fatah and Hamas are also thoroughly discussed.

The book offers a revolutionary solution to the problems of the Middle East by linking the theory of permanent revolution with the current crisis.


Preface - Munno Bhai

Chapter 1 - Lebanon

Defeat of aggression
Imperialist and Zionist aspirations
Aggression and its destructions
History of Lebanon
Colonialism of the 20th Century and roots of religious fundamentalism
Israeli occupation and Hizbullah
Financial catastrophe and slavery to imperialism

Chapter 2 - Israel

The cause of instabilityLebanon Israel War Cover

Diplomatic retreat
Degeneration of moral and cultural values
Social unrest and financial crisis
"Two State" solution and failure of Road Map
Class struggle

Chapter 3 - Historical Background of Middle East

Suez War
Revolutionary upsurge
Black September
Stalinism and the revolutions in the Middle East

Chapter 4 - What is Hizbullah?

Reasons of popularity
Internal rifts
Hizbullah and the left wing
Revolutionary strategy
Changing relations

Chapter 5 - Iran

Historical background
Imperialist oppression
Revolutionary movement of 1979
Dictatorship of Mullahs
Internal contradictions of mullah elite
Social chaos
Farce of nuclear program
Imperialist attack on Iran?
War and Revolution

Chapter 6 - Palestine

Life in prison
Freedom struggle
Tendencies in movement
Roots of Hamas
A free nation sate
Al Fatah and Hamas: rift and compromise
Revolution or death

Chapter 7 Clash of Civilizations

Evil aspirations
Escape from reality

Appendix 1 Iraq
Appendix 2 History of the Left Wing in Iraq
Appendix 3 Current Situation of American Army in Iraq

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