After the huge October 21 march, the Kuwaiti protesters for democratic reform had called for a second demonstration on November 4th. Despite it being declared illegal by the authorities, tens of thousands turned out defying brutal state repression. 

Last Sunday 150.000 people – more than 5% of the whole population and 15% of the total Kuwaiti citizens – took to the streets of the city of Kuwait, the Capital of the small gulf country by the same name. The protest, which was the largest in Kuwait’s history, was against changes made to the electoral law which the opposition has called a constitutional coup by the government. The Emir of Kuwait, Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmad Al Sabah, has dissolved the Kuwaiti parliament six times since 2006 and the final time was on 20 June this year.

We Pakistanis are over 100,000, mostly petty workers. We are not enjoying the same level of freedom as in Britain or any European Country. You may know what is the system of government in Arabian countries. So we are here earning our livelihood; the ruling elite has never allowed expatriates to indulge in political activities. We have different social organizations, which actually represent various political parties of Pakistan. These social organizations are involved in social activities among Pakistani community. It is the same case with other Communities.