Kazakhstan: NPSMK - Solidarity with the student movement in Quebec

The Independent Union of Students and Youth of Kazakhstan (NPSMK) expresses solidarity with the striking students of Quebec, who are fighting against the increase of tuition fees.

We have heard that the students of Quebec oppose the policy of the Ministry of Education and they have organized a large social movement against the price increase for higher education, which has developed into a massive strike.

NPSMK considers the actions of Canadian students as the example to follow. Here in Kazakhstan, as in all modern capitalist countries, education is becoming inaccessible for the youth. Many people can't afford exorbitant fees, which are constantly rising at the Universities.

NPSMK encourages Canadian students to continue their selfless struggle and aim to achieve free education, which reflects the interests of young people around the world.

Canada is a beautiful country and the union of Kazakhstan students is in solidarity with you, Comrades!