Kashmir's Ordeal

The comrades in Pakistan were just about to publish a new book on Kashmir when the devastating earthquake hit a month ago. The comrades have been hard at work on their solidarity and relief operations. Given the current crisis in Kashmir, they have decided to go ahead with the publication of the book. Over the weeks we will publish the different chapters of the book.


Introduction by Alan Woods

kashmir_ordeal_cover.jpgChapter One - A World in Turmoil

• Humanity in Chains
• Newspeak Economy
• A Threatened Planet
• Unprecedented Instability

Chapter Two - The Great Peace Hoax

• Kashmir - The Nuclear Flash Point
• War, Peace and Poverty
• Destitute Democracy
• The Gathering Strom
• Theocratic Failure
• Whose Peace Is It Anyway?
• The Fragile Irreversibility
• Peace Without Bread

Chapter Three- Ages of Oppression

• Land of Contrasts
• Enter the Mughals
• The Afghan Invasion
• Inviting the Sikhs
• The British and the Dogras: Kashmiris as a Commodity
• History of Class Struggle

Chapter Four - Kashmir and the Trauma of Partition

• Divide and Rule
• The Poonch Revolt
• Degeneration of CPI Leaders
• Problems of Populism
• Intrigues and Treachery
• Insurgency and the First Indo-Pak War
• The Facade of Legality

Chapter Five - Bayonets Dripping Blood

• Democratic Despotism
• Diplomacy, War and Revolution
• The Mirage of Secularism
• The Electoral Debacles
• The Renewed Insurgency
• State Terrorism
• Socio-Economic Devastation
• Criminal Justice
• Repression in Throes of Defeat

Chapter Six - Agony of Azad Kashmir

• Politics of Deception
• Puppet States
• Experiencing ‘Azadi’ (Freedom)
• Problems of Accession
• Class Politics
• Corrupt Power
• The Heroine Connection
• The Ecological Disasters
• Ingredients of Revolt

Chapter Seven - Fundamentalism, Nationalism, and Socialism

• The Epoch
• The Causes of Religious Revivalism
• The Dollar Jihad
• Face Behind the Veil of Piety
• The 9/11 Turn Around
• Crisis of Representation
• The Dilemma of the Nationalists
• Decline of the Obscurantists
• Capitulation
• Marxist Position on the National Question
• Class and the Nation
• Leninism and Nationalism
• The National struggle and Socialism

Chapter Eight - Socialist Revolution: The Only Solution

• Paralytic Diplomacy
• A Bus Journey to Where?
• Voice of the Oppressed?
• Division of Kashmir
• Independent Kashmir and Imperialist Hegemony
• Wars, Negotiations, and Commerce
• The Permanent Revolution
• Revolutionary Traditions
• The Law of Combined and Uneven Development
• The Socialist Character of the Kashmir Revolution
• The Redicalisation of the Masses
• Paradise on Earth

Post Script - In the Aftermath of the Devastating Earthquake