Kashmir: JKNSF announces its 17th Convention

The Jammu Kashmir National Students Federation (JKNSF) is a growing youth organization, based in Kashmir, with thousands of members. It openly defends the ideas of the International Marxist Tendency and is holding its 17th Convention in November.

The Jammu Kashmir National Students Federation (JKNSF) has convened its central convention for 6th November 2008 at Liaqat Park in Rawalpindi. The central cabinet of the JKNSF held its meeting in Muzaffarabad, (the capital of Pakistani-occupied Kashmir) on 6th July to discuss the organizational situation and the upcoming convention of the JKNSF.

More than 100 comrades took part in the meeting from all over Kashmir. Representatives of the JKNSF from all the big cities of Pakistan were also present. All the participants represented the branches and different districts, colleges, cities and towns. The meeting was conducted by the General Secretary of the JKNSF, comrade Abid Hussain, and was presided over by comrade Adil Khan, the president of the JKNSF.

After a detailed discussion on the present world & regional situation and the role of the youth, there were some very enthusiastic reports on the organization given by the representatives of different local branches. After the reports it was announced that the hundred comrades present in the meeting represented more than six thousand students and unemployed youth affiliated to the JKNSF.

At the end comrade Adil Khan spoke on the importance of the upcoming convention with the proposal that the convention should be held in the historic Liaqat Bagh in Rawalpindni on the 6th of November 2008, which is also the 40th anniversary of the death of the martyr Abdul Hameed, a young student of Rawalpindi polytechnic college, who was brutally murdered by the state on 6th November 1968. This cold blooded murder sparked off the 1968-69 revolution in Pakistan. He said that we are going to tie the historic thread of the lost revolutionary struggle of students and youth of this region. This proposal was unanimously passed by the delegates.

It was also decided to make sure that there is the participation of at least one delegate from each university and college of Pakistan and also delegates should be invited from all progressive students and youth organizations from all over the country and abroad. Also, it was decided to go ahead with the reorganization of all the local college, district and town branches before the 6th of November.

After the meeting a massive mobilization was set in motion all over the country for this convention. It is expected that this will be the largest convention of the JKNSF ever held, with thousands of students participating from all over Pakistan and Kashmir.

At its last convention held on 21st September 2006 the JKNSF decided to adhere officially to the IMT, which was unanimously approved. Since then the JKNSF has been actively working for the ideas of revolutionary Marxism in the whole region. Its president, Adil Khan, was also invited to India last year to attend the conference aimed at solving the issue of Kashmir. In this conference the revolutionary solution on the basis of Socialist Federation of the subcontinent was put forward by the comrade that was welcomed by the students and youth of Indian-held Kashmir.

Reports of previous 16th convention of JKNSF:

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