As part of his speaking tour of Italy for the Hands Off Venezuela campaign, Jorge Martin spoke to the provincial congress of the Caserta FIOM (metalworkers' union). As a result the delegates unanimosuly voted a resolution supporting the UNT, the new union set up by the Venezuelan workers after the old CTV had passed over completely to the counter-revolution. (May 11, 2004) See also Italian version: Unità di classe fra i lavoratori italiani e venezuelani!

A letter written to the Italian Trotskyists in 1930 in which Trotsky deals with the question of the Constituent Assembly and the perspectives for Italy at that time. He severely criticises those who attempted to mix the slogan of the Constituent Assembly with that of workers' soviets, and also showed incredible insight into how the process would unfold once the Mussolini regime collapsed.

Jorge Martin's speaking tour of Italy came to a close last week with visits to Calabria, Sicily and Rome. All in all this was a very successful speaking tour, with some 1150 people participating in 20 meetings. (May 18, 2004)
See also in Spanish Termina con éxito la gira de la Campaña Manos Fuera de Venezuela en Italia 
And in Italian Ottima chiusura della campagna "Giù le mani dal Venezuela" in Italia

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