At the end of last year, the Italian multinational company Parmalat collapsed like a house of cards after its management had admitted to falsifying the accounts for a period of at least 14 years. We cannot understand what happened if we see it merely in terms of personal greed. It is not simply a question of greed. The crisis of Parmalat flows from the deep crisis of the Italian economy.

On Saturday, March 20, more than one million workers and youth marched through the streets of Rome, in one of the biggest demos against the occupation of Iraq anywhere in the world. This massive turnout reflects more than just opposition to war, but also a growing militancy among Italian workers and youth.

A very important dispute has been going on for nearly three weeks now at the FIAT plant in the southern Italian town of Melfi. Once used as an example of a "difficult factory to organise" it is now in the vanguard of the struggle of the Italian workers, with a display of militancy and determination to win. The strike has provoked hundreds of spontaneous solidarity strikes up and down the country.

As part of his speaking tour of Italy for the Hands Off Venezuela campaign, Jorge Martin spoke to the provincial congress of the Caserta FIOM (metalworkers' union). As a result the delegates unanimosuly voted a resolution supporting the UNT, the new union set up by the Venezuelan workers after the old CTV had passed over completely to the counter-revolution. (May 11, 2004) See also Italian version: Unità di classe fra i lavoratori italiani e venezuelani!

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