The comrades of FalceMartello organised their first ever national festival, "Festa Rossa", in Bologna on June 21-24. About 4000 people passed through the festival over the four days, where they could take part in debates, eat traditional local food at the restaurant, browse through a big selection of books, listen to free concerts, etc. Next week we will provide a more detailed report, but for now we invite you to watch short videos of the four-day event.

At the last congress of Rifondazione Comunista (2005) the Italian Marxists of FalceMartello presented their own national document. A comrade sent a letter questioning the kind of transitional demands presented. Here we publish the letter with a reply from the Italian Marxists, an interesting debate on what kind of demands should be raised at each turn of events.

In spite of having promised no more NATO or US bases in Italy, the Prodi government has gone ahead and agreed to a big expansion of the Vicenza base. This has provoked anger among the left electorate which was clearly seen on last Saturday’s massive demonstration of at least 150,000.

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