A huge demonstration took place on Saturday in Rome, the biggest for some years. Here you can see a photo gallery of the demo, including the section organised by the Marxist tendency, FalceMartello.

In what to many may seem an amazing transformation, the bulk of the old Italian Communist Party, the biggest Communist Party in the West, has fused with a bourgeois party known as the Margherita, to form the Democratic Party. Here we provide the background to how this came about.

On Saturday, September 29, around 2000 workers and youth took part in an anti-racist demonstration in Pavia, south of Milan (Italy), the biggest rally in the small town for many years. In the recent period Rom families, from Romania, have been the victims of an almost pogrom-like atmosphere whipped up by right-wing reactionaries. The local Young Communists and the supporters of FalceMartello were in the forefront of the mobilisation. Here we provide the photos.

The comrades of FalceMartello organised their first ever national festival, "Festa Rossa", in Bologna on June 21-24. About 4000 people passed through the festival over the four days, where they could take part in debates, eat traditional local food at the restaurant, browse through a big selection of books, listen to free concerts, etc. Next week we will provide a more detailed report, but for now we invite you to watch short videos of the four-day event.

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