Italy: Stop victimization of anti-fascist trade union leader Matteo Parlati

An Italian shop steward at the Ferrari Auto factory in Modena has been accused by the police on trumped up charges as a result of his participation in an anti-fascist demonstration. He is a member of the Communist Refoundation Party (PRC) and a supporter of FalceMartello. 

Labourstart has taken up his case and created an easy way for people to add their names to the protest:

Mateo ParlatiMatteo Parlati, a shop steward for the FIOM-CGIL union at Ferrari Auto in Modena was denounced because he took part in a demonstration in October 2011 in Modena against a neofascist group which was celebrating the Fascist March on Rome from 1922. During that demonstration, police charged at the anti-fascists. Matteo is now accused, together with other 13 demonstrators, of resisting police officers and to have had a 'moral responsibility' for the clashes between the police and the antifascists. This is not true. In fact, Matteo was clubbed in the head by a police officer, as clearly showed by photos and videos. The local judge and prefect are simply trying legalize Fascist organizations and to suppress the anti-Fascists. All the shop stewards at Ferrari Auto's FIOM-CGIL union have called for a global campaign of solidarity with Matteo Parlati, who is guilty of no crime.

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The original appeal signed by dozens of shop stewards and trade union leaders in Italy can be seen in Italian on the FalceMartello website.