Italy: Red Festival 2014! Modena - July 3-6

Sinistra, Classe Rivoluzione (Left, Class and Revolution), the Italian section of the IMT, are organising their 4th Red Festival in Modena.

festa rossa2014 verticaleThe "Festa Rossa 2014" will host political debates and events such as book launches, documentary screenings, concerts and many other activities over 4 days (read the full programme here). The festival is organised and run entirely by volunteers.

Wood oven baked pizza, grilled food and local specialities will be served in restaurants, while a wine bar will also serve beer from a local brewery. A wide selection of piadine and tigelle and refreshing watermelon will ensure that no one will go hungry or thirsty throughout the day! A well organised bookshop will provide a wide range of Marxist literature and left wing books and free concerts are organised every night.

Throughout the 4 days of the festival visitors will have a chance to view an exhibition on the 70th anniversary of the partisan republic of Montefiorino (a town very close to Modena). This heroic attempt by the partisan movement was eventually defeated, but challenged the fascist Salo' Republic and German occupation from June 17 until August 1, 1944.

The Festa Rossa will be kicking off in the afternoon of Thursday, July 3 with the national assembly of revolutionary students organised around "Sempre in Lotta" (Always in Struggle). On July 4 the main political event will be a national gathering of workers and shop stewards who supported and were instrumental in organising the very successful opposition document at the recent CGIL congress (the left trade union confederation). On Saturday, July 5 the focus will be on the political perspectives for building the revolutionary movement and "Sinistra, Classe Rivoluzione!". On Sunday during the day there will be a Marxist school on the revolutionary events in Europe in the 1970s with dedicated sessions to the Portuguese revolution of 1974, the overthrow of the Greek Junta and the revolutionary crisis leading to the "transition" from the Franco regime in Spain.

On Sunday evening Alan Woods from the International Marxist Tendency will be speaking on 150 years since the foundation of the First International, the current world crisis and revolutionary perspectives.

The Festa Rossa 2014 will be held with the same spirit of the previous three editions and promises to be even more inspiring!

Festa Rossa 2014 - July 3-6 - Parco XXII Aprile, Quartiere Crocetta, Modena

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