Italy: Genoa 2001-2011 – The wind of revolution is still blowing

This week marks the tenth anniversary of the demonstrations against the G8 in Genoa. Those demonstrations are still remembered today because of the brutal repression by the police and the forces of the state, which led to the murder of Carlo Giuliani.

The real face of the bourgeois state were revealed in those days to the hundreds of thousands of workers and youth. And ten years later the need for a struggle against the capitalist system is more urgent  than ever. The crisis of capitalism is hitting at the very heart of Europe, provoking mass revolts and a pre-revolutionary situation in Greece, inspired by the revolutions in the Arab world.

The comrades of the IMT in Italy, Falcemartello, will be present in Genoa with a stand from today, Monday July 18, until Sunday, July 24, and will be intervening in all the main debates. We are holding a meeting on the book “Pomigliano non si piega” [Pomigliano will not surrender] on Thursday, July 23 (see

On Saturday, July 23, we are organising our bloc within the demonstration that will march through the streets of Genoa to remember what happened ten years ago and to fight for a better world.

To get more information, to discuss with us or take part in our bloc, write to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Also, you can read our special pamphlet, written especially for Genoa 2011 (in Italian):

Genova 2001-2011: il vento della rivoluzione soffia ancora!