Letter from Israel: The roots of Zionism bears more of its rotten fruit

Israel is a small country. Yet hardly a day passes without it being in the news for some reason or another. Every night there is a new "Affair" on the news. The word "Affair" is a direct translation from the Hebrew, but in English "Scandal" would be more appropriate.

Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive!


Zionism is based purely and solely on deception. The quote above suggests that one may learn to untangle the web the more one practices deception. But this is rarely true. Eventually the practice of deception becomes endemic and engulfs the practitioner.

Israel is a small country; it is about the size of Wales, its population is about two thirds that of London. Yet hardly a day passes without it being in the news for some reason or another. Every night there is a new "Affair" on the news. The word "Affair" is a direct translation from the Hebrew, but in English "Scandal" would be more appropriate.

The latest "Affairs" (yes there are three) are about industrial espionage, and plain old fashion spying, and corruption. Who is Israel spying against? Egypt, Syria? No nothing as mundane as those countries! America, yes America! The same America that feeds us, arms us, and vetos every UN resolution that tries to condemn Israel for some act of violence against the beleaguered, impoverished, downtrodden Palestinians.

But lets deal with the Industrial stuff first. It really shows how the initial web of Zionistic deceit has wormed its way into the Israeli way of life like a cancer that has spread so far into the body that no surgeon's scalpel, or any amount of therapy can remove it.

Last November it was revealed that the police started an investigation, when a local author complained to the Tel Aviv police that someone had hacked into his computer and stolen information from it. They reached this conclusion after discovering that personal documents, as well as parts of a book the author was writing, which had thus far never left his personal computer, had been posted on the Internet.

Police examined his computer and concluded that it had been infected with a Trojan horse. Trojan horse software, for those that don't know, is a program that allows the person who plants it to track all activity conducted via the "victim's" computer and even to seize control of the computer.

The police investigation led them on to a trail that involved some of Israel's biggest companies. You had the satellite TV Company spying on the cable TV company; you have the mobile phone companies spying on each other (Israel is mobile phone mad, with more mobiles than people). You have the importer of Volvos spying on the importer of Volkswagens.It goes on and on, and sounds like a novel, but this is not fiction it is true.

During the police investigation it was determined that the program had been written by an Israeli citizen, who currently lives in Germany and England and has no previous police record. The man and his wife were both arrested in London and appeared briefly at Bow Street Magistrate's Court. The District Judge ordered them to be held in custody until a further hearing on June 3.

Now let's deal with the other affair. In Washington the U.S. Justice Department is expected to file indictments against two former senior American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) staffers and, according to sources familiar with the affair, the charges will be subsumed under the Espionage Act. The two men who both have Jewish surnames are to be indicted on receipt of classified defense information from a Pentagon official, and its transfer to the representative of a foreign country, an official of the Israeli embassy in Washington.

Presumably, if indeed such an indictment is filed against two former top-level AIPAC staff members, then the representative's name will come up, even though he is not a suspect. Israeli officials say he was never questioned in the affair. He heads the political department at the embassy. The classified material is said to involve information about Iranian intentions to harm American soldiers in Iraq, and it was supposedly given to the two former AIPAC staffers during lunch in Virginia on June 26, 2003.

The two men involved are reported as having asked for a meeting to discuss an important subject. At the meeting, in a mall near the Pentagon, the one told the other that Iranian agents were trying to capture Israeli civilians working in the Kurdish area in northern Iraq. Around the same time there had been conflicting reports in Washington about an Israeli presence in Kurdish Iraq. Journalist Seymour Hersh of The New Yorker had written that Israelis were operating there, but Israel and the Americans have denied it.

At the meeting, one man told the other that the information was classified. This is significant in terms of the investigation, since it prevents the AIPAC men from claiming in their defense that they did not know they were dealing with state secrets.

I have deliberately omitted the bulk of the evidence in both stories, as this is not the point of the story. The point is that lying and cheating, complete lack of morals, the complete lack of morals to perpetuate the Zionist myth, and the love Nye the worship of money has so imbedded itself into the Israeli way of life that the State, the people some of them very intelligent people go and do things blindly. They simply do not know how to distinguish right from wrong!

There is another "Affair" this time it involves the leader of the ultra religious Shardic party Shas, Slomo Benizri. Benizri is to be indicted for bribe-taking, fraud, breach of faith and other charges, according to a decision by the Attorney General. The charges, which come after years of investigation, state that Benizri received money and other benefits from a contractor, in return for an intervention that allegedly allowed the contractors to win a tender to bring foreign workers into the country.

Benizri's spiritual mentor and political patron Elbaz, a senior leader in Shas and head of Shas' Or Haim educational system and whose agreement to turn state's witness provided the alleged evidence that made Benizri's indictment possible, is to be charged in the same affair with interceding for a bribe and taking a bribe.

This is not the first time a leader of Shas has been accused of taking bribes. We had the long ongoing case of Arieh Derri who for over two years denied most verdantly and convincingly on TV that he was innocent. Although he came over as most convincing, and despite demonstrations, and poster campaigns that in any other country would have been regarded as contempt of court, the public and the majority of the secular community thought him guilty, and so did the court, and he went to prison.

Both these men are Rabbis, supposedly upholders of the morals of there communities. It is also very significant that they were a party formed by the former Shapahrdic Chief Rabbi Avadia Joseph, a man who was not only racist towards Arabs, but also towards Ashkenazi Jews. He in fact formed the party to counter the huge Ashkenazi influence in the Israeli parliament The Knesset.

Because Israel's voting system is proportional representation, all governments are coalitions. So every time an important vote was needed by the main member of the government Shas would demand money for their support. And so a party formed to help the poor, just lined their pockets with the people’s money that they only used to build Yeshiva's (Colleges for learning Judaism) for their members, and not to help the largely poorer Shapahrdic non-European Jews, who on the whole are secular, as are the majority of Israelis.

When you think back just a few months to the "Affair" of the former British Home Secretary, David Blanket resigning because he cut red tape to bring in an au pair for his former lover, it just shows you what that original web of deception has sprouted.

In the Jewish Bible it says the Jews "Shall be a light to the nations" meaning the rest of human kind. Some light, when you consider that all these utterly despicable goings on are taking place when the gap between rich and poor in Israel is at a level that does not exist in any other so-called developed country outside of the USA.

Since the collapse of the USSR, we have seen wars erupt all over the place, slavery reach a level that has probably not existed proportionately since the time of the Romans. People's rights are being trodden on all over the place, human, civil and working. This is what happens when one doggedly adheres to Nationalism, which is what Zionism is!

If we carry on like this it will lead to disaster, for Israel, for every one. Peoples of the world must unite under one banner, the banner that really does regard all people as one and the same, equal in every aspect. For in the final analysis there is only one fate that awaits rich and poor alike. When Cain Killed Able and God asked him "Where is your brother" he answered "Am I my brother's keeper"? Well the answer is yes, most emphatically YES. We are all our brother’s and sister’s keepers, and that in a nutshell is what Socialism is about!

Mordachai Peargut

June 2005