Iraq/Kurdistan: Regional Kurdish Government abducts activists

We recently reported on the movement of workers and youth in the north of Iraq/Kurdistan. In response to those mobilisations, the security forces have opened fire on the people and arrested some of the key organisers. We have received this appeal for solidarity and help to get those arrested released. Please make your voice heard by writing to the Iraqi authorities.

To all freedom loving people and workers' unions around the world and Amnesty International

Ref: abduction of activists in Iraq/Kurdistan

As you may know the masses of Kurdistan have begun a movement for the betterment of their living conditions. They started with civil demonstrations against the authorities of the Kurdistan Regional Government and the two ruling parties, the KDP and the PUK.

Recently and precisely on the demonstration of 17th February, the militias of the KDP shot at the demonstrators and killed three people and wounded many others. The people of Kurdistan and especially of Sulaimaniya city were not prepared to accept such a despotic act and started daily demonstrations.

The KDP forces and the Asaiysh (security forces) of both the ruling parties arrested and abducted those who have been active in arranging mass rallies and demonstrations. Today after the big demonstration in Maidani Azadi (Freedom Square), four people who actively took part were abducted and we do not have any information about them. The abduction and arrest of people are routinely carried out by the authorities and other groups or militias. The lives of these people are in danger. We ask you to take urgent action to help find them and get them released.

The names are: 1) Nawzad Baban, 2) Moayad Ahmad, 3) Khalid Majeed; 4) Shakhwan Nasih.

(25th February 2011)

Long live International Workers' Solidarity
With regards,
Akram Nadir (Union Organizer in Iraq and Kurdistan)
International Representative of Federation of Workers' Councils and Unions in Iraq (FWCUI)

Model Letter:

It has been brought to our attention that Nawzad Baban, Moayad Ahmad, Khalid Majeed and Shakhwan Nasih were arrested during recent protests in the North of Iraq. They were taking part in legitimate protest movements over living conditions.

Their whereabouts are unknown and we are very concerned for their safety. We call on you to investigate these facts and do your utmost to guarantee the release of these activists.

We are raising this question inside trade unions, youth organisations and among the wider public in our country.

Iraq is supposed to be a democratic country and we expect you to act accordingly.



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