Iraq/Kurdistan: Defend abducted workers’ leader in Sulaimania City

Please support Nawzad Baban, one of the leading figures of the current protests in Kurdistan and also a worker activist of the FWCUI in the electricity sector in Sulaimaniya City. He was kidnapped on Friday, February 25, in Sulaimaniya with three other comrades.

We reported on his arrest on Saturday, [See Iraq/Kurdistan: Regional Kurdish Government abducts activists]. He was arrested with three other activists, but these have now been released. However, Mr Baban is still in prison. Please write your comments of support on his Facebook page. You can also subscribe to his page by clicking “like” on his page or send a letter [below there is a model letter you can use]. Your support can have an impact on the situation. Please support freedom of working class activists in Iraq and Kurdistan and take some time to support our activities, and guarantee freedom of speech and the right to organise and demonstrate.

You can also see Nawzad Baban here speaking to a recent workers’ rally shortly before being abducted:

The Strength of the Labour Movement Lies on Its Unity and Organization,
Long live International Workers' Solidarity.

Model Letter

It has been brought to our attention that Nawzad Baban, who was arrested during recent protests in Sulaimaniya City in the North of Iraq, together with three other activists, taking part in legitimate protest movements over living conditions, is still being held under arrest.

We are very concerned for his safety. We call on you to investigate this matter and do your utmost to guarantee the release of Nawzad Baban. We are raising this question inside trade unions, youth organisations and among the wider public in our country. Iraq is supposed to be a democratic country and we expect you to act accordingly.



You can find the address of your nearest Iraqi embassy at the following link:
Please send copies to: and