Iraq: Firas Ali Released

After almost two weeks of detention, Firas Ali was released from Muthanna Airport prison on the evening of Monday, 25 April. We would like to express special thanks to all those who in the campaign to free Firas Ali the youth leader of Tahrir Square in Baghdad Iraq,

Iraqi armed forces arrested Firas Ali on April 13 without presenting an arrest warrant, after raiding the hall where he was meeting with other members of the February 25 Group, while planning for their ongoing peaceful demonstration at Tahrir Square.

Firas was seen by other detained demonstrators on April 14th with visible injuries and swelling of the face while in custody.

Since the arrest of Alaa Nabil, the meeting place of the youth group within the FWCUI/OWFI headquarters has been monitored by police and intelligence services, and the demonstration organizers have been under close surveillance, both there and during the demonstrations at Tahrir Square.

The OWFI and FWCUI extend their thanks to all the organizations who joined in the campaign to release Alaa Nabil and Firas Ali. Your letters and faxes of alarm have pressured the authorities into releasing the two youth activists.

Your solidarity will not allow the authorities to turn Iraq into a police state. We will not allow another dictator to prevail in Iraq.

Organization of Women's Freedom in Iraq, president OWFI,
Federation of Workers' Councils and Unions in Iraq FWCUI, (April 26, 2011)

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