Iraq: Ala'a Nabiel has been freed

The young activist of 25th February group, Ala'a Nabiel was released on Saturday, April 16, after  being arrested on Friday, April 8.

Ala'a had been arrested three times in less than one month, the first time on March 21, and the second was after only two days, while the last one was on April 8.

A worldwide campaign was organized, to call for his release together with his comrades, Firas Ali, Haydar Shihab Ahmad and all those detained because of their participation in peaceful demonstrations.

Many international organizations contributed to this campaign, expressing international solidarity with the detained in Iraq. This put pressure on the authorities and led to the release of Ala'a Nabiel. It was an explicit expression of solidarity and support for freedom and basic human rights.

We will continue the pressure and call for the release of all those detained on the demonstrations. We ask you to continue sending letters of protest until all the detained are released. [NOTE: See Iraq: Urgent action required – detained and missing protesters at risk of torture]

Long live international solidarity.

Freedom for all the detained

No, to the arrests and the prevention of the gatherings and demonstrations

Federation of Workers' Councils and Unions in Iraq (April 16, 2011)