Iran - Saghez May Day detainees go on hunger strike

Faced with continued imprisonment the workers arrested in Iran on May day have started a hunger strike. Those arrested in Saghez (in Iranian Kurdistan) began a hunger strike at 5pm on 1 May to protest against their illegal detention and the abuse and violence they were subjected to during their arrest. They intend to continue with their hunger strike until their unconditional release.

According to the latest information the physical condition of three of the detainees is very serious and worrying. Esmail Khodkam, Mohsen Hakimi and Hamid Tanoomand have suffered from bleeding in the stomach because of the hunger strike. Taking the latest worrying situation into consideration, the worker activists and workers' organisations should increase even more their pressure on international associations and bodies for the immediate and unconditional release of the detainees.

Those arrested on May Day

9 May 2004

Translated by Iranian Workers' Solidarity Network