Iran: Mahmood Salehi's trial did not take place! – International solidarity action had an effect!

Rather than go ahead with the trial, the judge suddenly felt he had to “take leave”! This is clearly a delaying tactic forced on the Iranian courts by the international pressure mounted earlier this week. This statement of the Iranian Workers’ Action Committee explains the latest developments. We must keep up the pressure.

According to reports from Saghez on the first day of the sham trial of the labour activists Mahmood Salehi appeared in court with his lawyers but the judge was apparently ‘on leave’.

Going ‘on leave’ on an important day like this demonstrates that international pressure and the protests of labour activists in three continents have thrown the regime into disarray and in this way it wants to delay the trial until things quieten down. But it does not know that solidarity with the Saghez labour activists will continue until all the charges against all of them have been dropped.

The Islamic regime of Iran must learn that the workers of the world will not abandon the workers of Iran.

Like last week, all the embassies and consulates of the regime throughout the world will be answerable for the regime’s behaviour. The regime will face mass protests throughout the world. Bigger demonstrations involving more forces will be organised.

Workers’ Action Committee (Iran) and Iranian Workers’ Solidarity Network (in exile)

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