International Marxist Tendency

To find out more about the history of the IMT, visit the section on our history.

In early November, one thousand attendees gathered in London for this year’s Revolution Festival – the school of communism. To commemorate this landmark event, Rob Sewell looks back at the communist history and traditions upon which we base ourselves today.

On the weekend of 4 and 5 November, der Funke, the Swiss section of the International Marxist Tendency (IMT), held its 2023 Marxist Autumn School. The theme of this year’s school was The Road to Communism, and the weekend proved that communists have a plan and are bursting with drive.

On 4-5 November, the national congress of the Brazilian section of the IMT took place. The congress was tasked with evaluating the development of the organisation, the developing political situation, and the success of the “are you a communist?” campaign. In light of this, the organisation decided to change its name. Previously Esquerda Marxista (Marxist Left), the Brazilian section of the IMT is now called the Internationalist Communist Organisation!

Around the world, workers and youth have been mobilising in solidarity with the Palestinian masses, who are facing a brutal onslaught from the Israeli military. Comrades of the International Marxist Tendency (IMT) have joined these demonstrations, advancing communist slogans in support of the struggle of the oppressed people of Palestine.

The forces of Marxism in Canada are on a mission to organize the millions of people in Canada who say communism—not just socialism—is the best economic system. We have to thank the right-wing Fraser Institute for alerting us to this in their recent survey.

The main bourgeois media outlets in Switzerland – 20 Minuten, Tagesanzeiger, NZZ, Weltwoche– have launched a witch hunt against the communists. They are targeting us because we are organising in solidarity with the Palestinian people.

A specter is haunting the United States of America—the specter of communism! All powers of the Land of the Free have united to exorcize this specter: Biden and Trump, Bezos and Gates, reformist politicians and “freedom caucus” rabble, liberal professors and reactionary pundits. Yet where is the party in opposition to give the working-class vanguard a clear lead?

September has been a busy month for the Marxists in Britain, with comrades recruiting for revolution at schools, colleges, and universities across the country. Everywhere, we see a clear thirst for communist ideas and organisation. Join us today!

The ‘Are You a Communist?’ campaign is going from strength to strength in the Spanish section of the International Marxist Tendency. In just one month, thousands of posters and stickers have been put up across 12 different cities. Our posters carry the same simple yet effective message of the campaign as all our comrades in all other parts of the world: we invite all of you who identify as communists to join us in the fight against capitalism.