In Defence of Marxism magazine now out!

Wellred Books is pleased to announce the publication of a new magazine concentrating on Marxist theory.

Published by the team behind the website, this magazine - called In Defence Of Marxism - will be published four times a year. It is hoped that this will supplement the work being done both by the websites and the Socialist Appeal paper.

As the introduction on page two of the first edition puts it: ‘Our task is to provide a Marxist analysis of events in Britain and internationally. In future issues we will take up not only current issues but those relating to history, philosophy, economics, science and culture. Our task is also to answer the dominant ideas of the bourgeois and the reformists and cut through the distortions about the ideas of Marxism... We hope that this will stimulate our readers, especially those new to Marxism, to further study the classic works of these great revolutionaries (Marx, Engels, Lenin and Trotsky) for themselves.’

The first issue includes major articles on The National Question and Scotland, The Marxist theory of crisis and The last stand of the Levellers.

Of course, Socialist Appeal will continue to publish material on Marxist theory, economics, history and other in-depth analysis of the world situation. However, the publication of this new magazine will provide a worthy addition to the resources of Marxism.

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