Title Created Date Author
Pakistan: The ever growing power of China 02 March 2017 Adam Pal
Syria: The battle of Aleppo a turning point in world relations 12 January 2017 Hamid Alizadeh
9/11 2001: US Suicide Bombing - Terrorism Aids Reaction 11 September 2001 Ted Grant and Alan Woods
Pacifism As The Servant of Imperialism 28 July 1917 Leon Trotsky
Close to the Truth 18 July 1917 V.I. Lenin
The Foreign Policy of the Russian Revolution 27 June 1917 V.I. Lenin
Still More Lies 31 May 1917 V.I. Lenin
Muddleheadedness (More on the subject of annexations) 31 May 1917 V.I. Lenin
One of the Secret Treaties 23 May 1917 V.I. Lenin
Secrets of Foreign Policy 23 May 1917 V.I. Lenin
Mandate to Deputies of the Soviet Elected at Factories and Regiments 20 May 1917 V.I. Lenin
An Unfortunate Document 16 May 1917 V.I. Lenin
Defence of Imperialism Cloaked with Deceptive Phrases 16 May 1917 V.I. Lenin
Finland and Russia 15 May 1917 V.I. Lenin
Social-Chauvinists and Internationalists 12 May 1917 V.I. Lenin
A Turn in World Politics 31 January 1917 V.I. Lenin

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