Title Created Date Author
Britain: Civil Service Union (PCS) – Left prepare to select candidate 19 September 2018 Rob Sewell
Student protests sweep Mexico 18 September 2018 Rob Smith
China: JASIC workers’ struggle reveals rising class tensions 17 September 2018 Parson Young and Zhan Dou Zhe
USA: can the “progressive wave” bring us closer to socialism? 13 September 2018 Parson Young and Antonio Balmer
[Video] Russia: St. Petersburg comrades condemn retirement age hike 13 September 2018 IMT correspondent in Russia
South Africa’s land reform: why is big business suddenly in favour? 12 September 2018 Ben Morken
Catalonia: to achieve the republic, we must make the revolution! 11 September 2018 Revolució
May's Africa visit: dire dancing and desperation 11 September 2018 Joe Attard
Swedish election: beginning of the end of class peace 10 September 2018 Revolution (IMT), Sweden
Russia: Putin's retirement age hike provokes mass protest 10 September 2018 Russian correspondent for the IMT and Joe Attard
Origins of Trotskyism 06 September 2018 Rob Sewell
Karl Marx is alive and kicking! 05 September 2018 John Peterson
Alun Morgan (1949-2018): friend and comrade 04 September 2018 Fred Weston
Britain: Blairites run to the rescue of the establishment 03 September 2018 Rob Sewell
World perspectives: 2018 – a year of capitalist crisis 03 September 2018 International Marxist Tendency
Pakistan: Marxist School (summer) a big success 27 August 2018 Progressive Youth Alliance
Bobi Wine’s arrest and torture shakes Uganda’s regime 24 August 2018 Fiona Lali
Romania shaken by protests – Is the problem corruption, or capitalism? 23 August 2018 Ștefan Nițu
50 years after the Prague Spring – what are the lessons for today? 22 August 2018 Ben Gliniecki
Britain: Defend Corbyn — Tories are the real racists 17 August 2018 Steve Jones
Pakistan: 14 Coal Miners die as new Parliament takes oath 14 August 2018
Bangladesh: road safety protests expose rotten establishment 10 August 2018 Liza Roy
Polish government clashes with the EU: class struggle on the horizon 08 August 2018 Ben Gliniecki and Maciej Krzymieniecki
IMT World Congress 2018: retying the knot of history 07 August 2018 Ben Curry
Failed terrorist attack against Venezuelan president Maduro 06 August 2018 Jorge Martin
International Marxist Tendency World Congress demands release of Catalan political prisoners 02 August 2018 In Defence of Marxism
[Video] 2018: crisis and class struggle 01 August 2018 In Defence of Marxism
Finland: liberals sabotage protests against Trump-Putin summit in Helsinki 29 July 2018 Pinja Vuorinen
Venezuela on the verge of a social explosion? 20 July 2018 Jorge Martin
Trump meets Putin: the world turned upside down 17 July 2018 Alan Woods
Trump’s UK visit: so much for the “special relationship” 16 July 2018 James Kilby
Britain: massive anti-Trump demo shows real balance of forces in society 16 July 2018 Josh Cole-Hossain
Scientific revolution and materialist philosophy 13 July 2018 Ben Curry
USA: Trump’s madness and the fight for independent, working-class politics 12 July 2018 John Peterson
Haiti in revolt: mass protests and general strike against fuel price hike 11 July 2018 Rob Lyon
[Audio] Marxism and the national question 10 July 2018 In Defence of Marxism
Britain: Brexiteer revolt leaves government in the balance 09 July 2018 Josh Holroyd
Why we fight for workers’ control and management 06 July 2018 Rob Sewell, editor of Socialist Appeal
Mexico: conflict between AMLO and the bourgeoisie 06 July 2018 Ubaldo Oropeza – La Izquierda Socialista (Socialist Left)
Germany: ruling class split over immigration 05 July 2018 Jack Halinski-Fitzpatrick
The crisis of the regime in Nicaragua and the necessity of revolutionary leadership 04 July 2018 Juan De La Cruz (Bloque Popular Juvenil, El Salvador)
USA: Ocasio-Cortez defeats the Democratic machine—which way forward for socialists? 03 July 2018 Tom Trottier and Antonio Balmer
Mexico: massive vote for AMLO and MORENA marks new period of class struggle 02 July 2018 Ubaldo Oropeza
Italian crisis deepens and threatens to engulf Europe 28 June 2018 Fred Weston
Britain: National Health Service on life support 27 June 2018 Graeme Hendry, Unison steward and nurse activist
[Video] IMTV: students and workers – unite and fight! 27 June 2018 Socialist Appeal (UK)
Britain: Tory cuts fuel domestic violence and abuse 27 June 2018 Ellen Morton
USA: the bipartisan assault on the poor 26 June 2018 Liza Roy
Their Morals and Ours 25 June 2018 Leon Trotsky
Britain: Tory rebels retreat, preparing future crisis 22 June 2018 Josh Holroyd