Title Created Date Author
France: the yellow vests, Act IV – turn the movement into a revolution! 10 December 2018 Joe Attard and Jorge Martin
France: striking students of Nanterre declare solidarity with yellow vests! 10 December 2018 Nanterre Marxists
France: at the threshold of a revolutionary crisis 10 December 2018 Révolution
Britain: May government humiliated as Brexit vote approaches 07 December 2018 Adam Booth
The new British disorder 07 December 2018 Editorial for Socialist Appeal (UK)
France: student assembly passes motion supporting yellow vests in fight against Macron! 07 December 2018 Révolution
Spain in the 1970s: how the revolution was betrayed 06 December 2018 Alan Woods
Switzerland: second Francophone international school a success! 06 December 2018 l'etincelle
Mexico: AMLO inauguration – the old regime collapses and a new period in the class struggle opens 05 December 2018 Adrián Alvarado
France: the yellow vests must go further! 05 December 2018 Révolution
France in a “state of insurrection” as the yellow vests advance 04 December 2018 Joe Attard
Spain: thousands march in Andalusia against far-right electoral gains 04 December 2018 Jorge Martin
Trump's advisers slander socialism: a reply to White House lies 04 December 2018 Alan Woods
Euro crisis: the beginning of the end? 03 December 2018 Jack Halinski-Fitzpatrick
[Video] Permanent Revolution in Latin America 03 December 2018 Jorge Martin
Trump's advisers slander socialism: a reply to White House lies – part four 30 November 2018 Alan Woods
France: the yellow vests – how to overthrow the government? 30 November 2018 Révolution and K. Andriamamonjy
South Africa: the looting of VBS – the true face of ‘radical economic transformation’ 29 November 2018 Ben Morken
Portugal: a false recovery built on flimsy foundations 28 November 2018 Colectivo Marxista Lisboa
Belgium: student bureaucrats censor anti-racist struggle 28 November 2018 Vonk – Marxistische jongeren
Canada: GM Oshawa closure – nationalise under workers’ control to save jobs 27 November 2018 Alex Grant
Mexico: Alan Woods discusses English Revolution at the Leon Trotsky Museum 26 November 2018 La Izquierda Socialista
Sri Lanka’s constitutional crisis: demagogy and divisions at the top 26 November 2018 Meena Kumar
Colombian students and workers mobilise against right-wing government 22 November 2018 Salvador Baena
Mexico: Alan Woods discusses 200 years of Karl Marx at the Leon Trotsky Museum 22 November 2018 La Izquierda Socialista
Trump's advisers slander socialism: a reply to White House lies – part three 21 November 2018 Alan Woods
Britain: dark clouds ahead for Flybe 21 November 2018 Martin Swayne, pilot and BALPA member (personal capacity)
France: the yellow vests, Lenin and the leadership of the CGT 20 November 2018 Révolution
[Video] The 2008 crash to now: a decade of crisis 20 November 2018 Socialist Appeal (UK)
World’s biggest money-laundering scandal: the true face of Danish capitalism 19 November 2018 Jonas Foldager
Mexico: Alan Woods speaks about world capitalist crisis at Leon Trotsky House Museum 19 November 2018 La Izquierda Socialista
[Video] The French Revolution of May 1968 19 November 2018 Alan Woods
North America: violence comes from the right 16 November 2018 Joel Bergman
[Video] Martin Luther King and the black struggle 16 November 2018 Fred Weston
Britain: the Brexit bombshell 15 November 2018 Rob Sewell
November 1918: how occupied Belgium was liberated by German revolutionary soldiers 15 November 2018 Kyle Michiels
USA: NYC Marxist School launches The Revolutionary Philosophy of Marxism 14 November 2018 Socialist Revolution (USA)
Chinese authorities increase crackdown on workers and students 14 November 2018 Zhan Dou Zhe
Is Italy turning to the right? The realm of truth and of fiction 13 November 2018 Roberto Sarti
Italian debt crisis haunts Europe 13 November 2018 Fiona Lali
The German Revolution of 1918 12 November 2018 Rob Sewell
'Teochoro' Petkoff, the man who stole the workers’ benefits 12 November 2018 Jorge Martin
Britain: 'Lest we forget' – Poppy Appeal hysteria and hypocrisy 11 November 2018 Daniel Morley
Trump's advisers slander socialism: a reply to White House lies – part two 09 November 2018 Alan Woods
USA: Attend the Northeast Marxist School this Weekend! 09 November 2018 Socialist Revolution USA
Spain's “justice”: where an activist is a terrorist and a terrorist is not 08 November 2018 Jorge Martin
USA: the referendum on Trump and the socialist way forward 08 November 2018 Tom Trottier and John Peterson
Sweden: successful Marxist school – an important milestone 08 November 2018 Zara Henriksson and Julia Blixt
Britain: don't be fooled by budget headlines – austerity isn't over 06 November 2018 Adam Booth
Catalan independence movement on trial: for a united republican front against repression! 05 November 2018 Revolució and Lucha de Clases