Title Created Date Author
Mexico: explosive strike wave hits 48 factories 28 January 2019 Carlos Márquez
[Audio] The US hand in Venezuela's coup: Hands off Venezuela interview 28 January 2019 This Is Hell!
The heritage of Xie Xuehong and the Taiwanese Communist Party 25 January 2019 Parson Young
[Video] Oppose the imperialist coup d'état in Venezuela! 25 January 2019 Socialist Appeal (UK)
Venezuela: coup in progress, Guaidó proclaims himself president 24 January 2019 Lucha de Clases (Venezuela)
Austria: class polarisation on the rise 24 January 2019 Emanuel Tomaselli
Washington ups the stakes in ongoing attempt to overthrow Venezuelan government 23 January 2019 Jorge Martin
Support the forces of international Marxism! 22 January 2019 In Defence of Marxism
Britain: break the Brexit deadlock – force a general election! 22 January 2019 Adam Booth
Mayor’s assassination reveals Polish capitalism’s impending crisis 21 January 2019 Henryk Kozlowski
IMT statement regarding US embassy and the workers’ struggle in China 21 January 2019 In Defence of Marxism
Mexico: 40,000 factory workers on strike in Tamaulipas 21 January 2019 Adrián Alvarado
Germany: militant march commemorates 100 years since Luxemburg-Liebknecht murder 19 January 2019 Oliver Brotherton
US workers should shut down capitalism 18 January 2019 Tom Trottier
Zimbabwe boils over: general strike has insurrectionary implications 18 January 2019 Ben Morken
Hungary: workers and students fight together against Orbán 17 January 2019 Felicia Pál and Emanuel Tomaselli
Britain: May crushed and humiliated in Brexit vote 16 January 2019 Adam Booth
Sweden: for a new general election – reject the right wing! 16 January 2019 Revolution (Sweden)
Luxemburg, Liebknecht and the German Revolution 15 January 2019 Marie Frederiksen
Does Sowore have the programme for genuine change in Nigeria? 14 January 2019 Campaign for Workers' Alternative (CWA) - Nigerian section of the IMT
Washington moves towards “regime change” in Venezuela 13 January 2019 Jorge Martin
India: 200 million strike against “anti-labour” policies 11 January 2019 Adam Pal
[Video] Rob Sewell launching 'Germany 1918–1933: Socialism or Barbarism' in Sweden 11 January 2019 Rob Sewell
Britain: Marxist Student Federation conference 2019 – the fight for socialism today 11 January 2019 Marxist Student Federation (UK)
Taiwan: interview with Zhu Meixue and Lina Cheng 10 January 2019 In Defence of Marxism
Britain: could there be a second EU referendum? 09 January 2019 Socialist Appeal (UK)
Does Mao's ‘Combat Liberalism’ actually combat liberalism? 09 January 2019 Parson Young
Ireland: Roscommon eviction unmasks a landlords' and bosses' Republic 08 January 2019 Ben Curry
France: Macron on the brink – prepare a general strike! 07 January 2019 Jérôme Métellus
Book review: Nelson at Naples – how a British ‘hero’ helped drown a revolution in blood 02 January 2019 Josh Holroyd
The Catalan question: new leadership is needed 27 December 2018 Arturo Rodríguez (Revolució)
Bosnia: Police crack down on protesters 26 December 2018
Introduction to the Revolutionary Philosophy of Marxism 21 December 2018 Alan Woods
Why Marxists oppose immigration controls 20 December 2018 Niklas Albin Svensson
Quebec: big struggles coming against new CAQ government 20 December 2018 Julien Arseneau
Pakistan: revolutionary youth continue their struggle, despite state repression 19 December 2018 Progressive Youth Alliance
GM, Canada Post, and the death of the post-war social contract 19 December 2018 Alex Grant
[Video] France: Macron stripped of his liberal halo 18 December 2018 Socialist Appeal (UK)
Hungary: major protests against “slave law” 18 December 2018 Stephen Agnew
Lithuania: scope and militancy of teachers’ strike shakes the ruling class 18 December 2018 Henryk Kozlowski
Reassessing Leon Trotsky’s biography of Stalin: a book review by John Riddell 18 December 2018 John Riddell
France: after five weeks of protests, whither the yellow vests? 17 December 2018 Jorge Martin
Albania: 50,000 students on the streets against corruption and injustice 17 December 2018 In Defence of Marxism
Taiwan's midterm elections and referendum: beginnings of class opposition emerge 14 December 2018 Parson Young
[Video] The Revolutionary Philosophy of Marxism: book launch with Alan Woods in NYC 14 December 2018 In Defence of Marxism
Britain: May’s Pyrrhic victory 13 December 2018 Rob Sewell and Adam Booth
Camilo Catrillanca murder: Chilean police terrorise indigenous communities 13 December 2018 Carlos Hernán and Pablo Álamos Pavez
[Video] Alan Woods on Brexit: “Those who the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad” 12 December 2018 Socialist Appeal (UK)
France: presidential smoke and mirrors 12 December 2018 Révolution
Britain’s Brexit circus: May premiership hanging by a thread 11 December 2018 Adam Booth