Title Created Date Author
Sudan: Al-Bashir has fallen, now capitalism must fall! 12 April 2019 Anas Rahimi
Sudan: Uprising has ousted dictator but the regime tries to stay in power 11 April 2019 Ben Gliniecki, Hasnaa Shaddad, Jean Duval
Britain: Julian Assange arrested by Met Police 11 April 2019 Rob Smith
Britain's Brexit purgatory - will it ever end? 11 April 2019 Adam Booth
Spain: dirty war against Podemos by the “cesspit of the state” 10 April 2019 David Rey, translated by Rob Smith
Britain: the Immigration Bill and the need for a socialist migration policy 09 April 2019 Owen Walsh
UK: Julian Assange threatened with expulsion from embassy 09 April 2019 Rob Smith
Moroccan dictatorship upholds verdicts against Rif detainees 08 April 2019 Anas Rahimi
Canada: sectarians attack Fightback Ottawa as fascists target Toronto chapter 08 April 2019 Fightback (IMT in Canada)
CWI faction fight: Spanish section walks out 05 April 2019 Jorge Martin and special correspondent
2019 national conference of Swedish Marxists marks important advances 05 April 2019 Sebastian Ingvarsson
Important victories for the student movement in South Africa 05 April 2019
Poland: a historic strike is being prepared 04 April 2019 Henryk Kozlowski
Algeria: Bouteflika downed, now the system must go! 03 April 2019 Hamid Alizadeh
Ireland: Bloody Sunday – one soldier prosecuted, but still no justice 03 April 2019 Fiona Lali
Croatia: TOKG – five examples of betrayal by an anti-worker union 02 April 2019 Radnički Portal
Spain: against the Francoist right, vote Unidos Podemos – fight for the republic and socialism! 02 April 2019 Lucha de Clases, translated by Rob Smith
Iraqi Kurdistan: performance prevented by security forces 02 April 2019 Our correspondent
Revolutionary congress in Pakistan: a marvellous event 01 April 2019 Lal Salaam
The Algerian Revolution: concessions show the weakness of the regime 29 March 2019 Anas Rahimi
Britain: the banks and climate change: don't divest – nationalise! 29 March 2019 Daniel Morley
Algeria: wave of strikes terrifies the ruling class 28 March 2019 Hamid Alizadeh
Israel elections: Netanyahu leans on the far-right to hold on to power 27 March 2019 Our correspondent in Tel Aviv
Britain's mother of all crises 27 March 2019 Rob Sewell
Britain: despite the attacks, Corbyn is heading for Number 10 26 March 2019 Ben Curry
Brazil: who ordered the murder of Marielle? 26 March 2019 Flávio Almeida Reis
Britain: why I left the Socialist Party 25 March 2019 Carl Harper, Peterborough
Open letter to the members and former members of the CWI 25 March 2019 In Defence of Marxism
Bosnia: a cry for justice – the rebellion against Dodik’s autocratic regime 21 March 2019 Dejan Prodanović
Kazakhstan without Nazarbayev? 21 March 2019 Timur Dautov
Brazil: Bolsonaro, the failure of the PT and the prospects for renewed class struggle 20 March 2019 Edited by Jack Halinski-Fitzpatrick
15 March: global climate strike shows youth radicalisation 19 March 2019 In Defence of Marxism
737 MAX scandal: Boeing putting profits before safety 18 March 2019 Martin Swayne
The Algerian Revolution: “leave means leave!” 16 March 2019 Hamid Alizadeh
Who’s to blame for the crisis in Venezuela? Can it be solved through negotiations? A response to Gabriel Hetland and “The Nation” 15 March 2019 Jorge Martin
Serbia: government and opposition defend status quo 15 March 2019 Zvonko Dan
France: mobilise against the judicial repression of the yellow vests! 15 March 2019 Guillaume E.
Lies, damned lies and Netflix: the character assassination of Leon Trotsky 14 March 2019 Alan Woods and Josh Holroyd
The falsifications of “Trotsky”, the Netflix series 14 March 2019 Iago Paqui
Britain: the dying days of May's government 13 March 2019 Rob Sewell and Adam Booth
Spain: 8 March – working women stand against the Francoist right 13 March 2019 Lucha de Clases
Revolution in Algeria: one phase ends, another begins 12 March 2019 Anass Rahimi
Revolution on the cards in Algeria 12 March 2019 Aaron Kyereh-Mireku
From “humanitarian aid” to a nationwide blackout: what next for Trump's coup in Venezuela? 11 March 2019 Jorge Martin
Five years since Euromaidan: perspectives for Ukraine in 2019 11 March 2019 Peter Mikhailenko
Britain: where is Labour's civil war going? 08 March 2019 Steven Reynolds
Italy: 8 March strike is just the beginning! 08 March 2019 Grazia Bellamente
Spain: for a 24-hour general strike on 8 March! 07 March 2019 Susana López and Aura Orbe
100 years on: the founding of the Communist International 06 March 2019 Rob Sewell
Cameroon: factional struggle conceals imperialist interests 06 March 2019 Joe Attard