Title Created Date Author
El Salvador: 10 years of the Militante BPJ paper – an inspiring legacy 21 May 2019 Juan de la Cruz
Appeal: help comrades in El Salvador purchase a printing machine 21 May 2019 In Defence of Marxism
Peasant struggle in Myanmar (Burma) 20 May 2019 NA
Britain: Theresa May – damned if she goes; damned if she doesn't 20 May 2019 Rob Sewell
Venezuela: privatisation is a betrayal 20 May 2019 Leander Pérez
A new breakthrough for the IMT: the voice of the revolutionary youth of Myanmar (Burma) 17 May 2019 In Defence of Marxism
15 May: the slogan “Bolsonaro Out” triumphant on streets of Brazil 17 May 2019 Alex Minoru
Brazil: tsunami against education cuts shows Bolsonaro government can be brought down 16 May 2019 Jorge Martin
Britain: the Brexit Party – Labour must become the real anti-establishment party 15 May 2019 James Kilby
Cuba: Trump's threats, constitutional reform and the economic situation 14 May 2019 Jorge Martin
Cuba: groundbreaking seminar in Havana discusses the ideas of Leon Trotsky 14 May 2019 Centro de Estudios Socialistas Carlos Marx
South Africa elections 2019: widespread fury and big gains for the EFF 13 May 2019 Ben Morken
Economic slowdown: the ruling class fears revolution 10 May 2019 Niklas Albin Svensson
Venezuela: the imperialist coup loses momentum and the government goes on the offensive, but where does that leave the people? 10 May 2019 Lucha de Clases
Red Front Congress 2019: revolutionary optimism at the best-ever congress of Polish Marxists! 09 May 2019 Czerwony Front
Struggle and solidarity at May Day 2019 09 May 2019 In Defence of Marxism
Forces of Russian Trotskyism unite around the International Marxist Tendency! 08 May 2019 In Defence of Marxism
Britain: Change UK – a rocky start for Blairism 2.0 07 May 2019 Joe Attard
Kazakhstan: “you can’t run away from struggle” 07 May 2019 Timur Dautov
Taiwan: Foxconn's CEO running for president, which way forward for the workers? 07 May 2019 Parson Young
25 April celebration marks 45 years since the start of the Portuguese Revolution 06 May 2019 Colectivo Marxista Lisboa
Britain: local elections were a Tory bloodbath 04 May 2019 Ben Gliniecki
Historic event on Trotsky in Cuba 03 May 2019 In Defence of Marxism
India: kick out Modi in 2019 general elections 03 May 2019 Louis Thomas in Tamil Nadu, India
May Day 2019: “capitalism is the problem!” 03 May 2019 In Defence of Marxism
Britain: Assange begins fight against extradition from jail 03 May 2019 Rob Smith
Ukraine: Zelenskiy elected president as power shifts within the oligarchy 02 May 2019 Peter Mikhailenko
[Video] Brexit crisis and the civil war in Labour 02 May 2019 In Defence of Marxism
Leonardo Da Vinci: artist, thinker and revolutionary 02 May 2019 Alan Woods
Venezuela: Guaidó’s botched coup – what does it mean and what's next? 01 May 2019 Jorge Martin
May Day: a history of working-class struggles 01 May 2019 Rob Sewell
Britain: communications workers vote unanimously for clause four 30 April 2019 Labour4Clause4
Venezuela: the counter-revolution raises its head – stop the coup! 30 April 2019 Fred Weston
France: Macron's “concessions” are all hot air 30 April 2019 Joe Attard
Spain: the right suffer resounding defeat in the elections 29 April 2019 Rob Smith
Poland: teachers' strike betrayed by trade union leaders 27 April 2019 Henryk Kozlowski
Religious fundamentalism – why is it growing and what is the alternative? 26 April 2019 Fred Weston
Argentina: a ship adrift 26 April 2019 Corriente Socialista Militante
Britain: Tory implosion paves the way for a Corbyn government 25 April 2019 Rob Sewell
The living nightmare of the civil war in Libya – imperialism is responsible! 25 April 2019 Roberto Sarti
India: solidarity with Jet Airways workers 25 April 2019 Louis Thomas
Anti-Semitism and Anti-Zionism – setting the record straight 24 April 2019 James Kilby
Terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka: only workers’ unity can end sectarian violence! 23 April 2019 Meena Kumar
Britain: the Assange arrest – Blairites run to the support of imperialism 23 April 2019 Ben Gliniecki
France: Notre Dame fire – capitalism destroying our historical heritage 18 April 2019 Fred Weston
No trust in the army, the Sudanese Revolution must take power 17 April 2019 Hamid Alizadeh and Hasnaa Shaddad
Militancy grows over first week of Polish teachers' strike 16 April 2019 Henryk Kozlowski
Netherlands: the provincial elections and rise of the FvD 15 April 2019 Zowi Milanovi
Denmark: 2019 will be the year of the Revolutionary Socialists 15 April 2019 Revolutionære Socialister
Sudan after Bashir's fall: the masses fight against the coup 12 April 2019 Hasnaa Shaddad