Refugees welcome: make the bosses pay!

Written by International Marxist Tendency Friday, 04 September 2015

refugees-welcome-footballfansThe current refugee crisis has brought out some of the horrors of capitalist society, as well as the contrast between the basic human solidarity of ordinary working people and the cold calculation and callousness of capitalist rulers in Europe and elsewhere.


The super-exploitation of Chinese student-workers – an interview

Written by In Defence of Marxism Friday, 04 September 2015

angry-workersWe received this interview from a supporter who has worked in China in the recent period. It highlights the terrible conditions that many Chinese workers face today.


General strike paralyzes India

Written by Lal Khan Thursday, 03 September 2015

india-general-strikeThe General Strike called by the ten largest central trade unions CTU’s on Tuesday, September 2 was a tumultuous success. The trade union and communist leaders who had anticipated a maximum of one hundred million workers participating in the strike were flabbergasted at the sight of more than 150 million coming out on a total one-day general strike that paralyzed India


Brazilian social movements reject police repression in Mexico

Written by Esquerda Marxista - Brazil Thursday, 03 September 2015

mexico2On Wednesday, September 2, there were simultaneous protests outside the Mexican consulates in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.


Wave of indignation sweeps across Austria as refugee crisis intensifies

Written by Emanuel Tomaselli Wednesday, 02 September 2015

refugees-welcomeThe discovery of a chicken meat truck containing the bodies of 71 suffocated Syrian refugees on August 27 has shocked the entire country. The lorry, found at the side of the motorway connecting Vienna with Budapest represents the biggest mass killing in Austria since the atrocities of the Nazis during the Second World War. These deaths are directly caused by the border regime of the European Union.


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