Strength of Marxist ideas on show, with over 250 at REVOLUTION! IMT school

Written by Socialist Appeal - Britain Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Revolution 2017_-_Socialist_AppealThe weekend of 21-23 October saw the most successful school ever for the Marxists in Britain, as over 250 revolutionary activists came to London from across the country – and Europe – to take part in the REVOLUTION! festival, hosted by Socialist Appeal and the Marxist Student Federation.


Venezuela: The suspension of the recall referendum, the sharpening of the class struggle and the tasks of the revolutionaries

Written by Marxist Tendency of the PSUV Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Bolivarians taking over parliament - Henry Tesara AVNLast Thursday, the criminal courts of Monagas, Carabobo, Aragua and Apure states, among other states, annulled the collection of the 1% of signatures needed to activate a recall referendum, after they upheld claims of electoral fraud which were brought before them in relation to accusations of forgery and identity theft committed during the process. Such a judgement  means that the final step prior to the invocation of a recall referendum, the collection of the signatures of 20% of the electorate, is automatically suspended. The CNE (National Electoral Council) then proceeded to issue a statement in which the suspension of the collection of signatures was ordered across the country.


Britain: Between a rock and a hard brexit

Written by Josh Holroyd Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Britain EU Dave KellamThe recent hardening of Tory rhetoric over Brexit and the status of migrant workers in Britain has shocked many, prompting some on the left to wonder if we too should advocate immigration controls and others, such as Owen Jones, to fall into a spirit of impotent despair. But aside from being a return to form for Britain’s traditional “Nasty Party”, May’s hard talk reflects a deepening divide within her own party and, if anything, a position of weakness rather than strength.


60 years since since the Hungarian revolution of 1956

Written by Julianna Grant Monday, 24 October 2016

Hungaryétlőtt_harckocsi_a_Móricz_Zsigmond_körtéren.jpgYesterday, 23rd October was the 60th anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution of 1956. That movement of the Hungarian masses signified the culmination of the growing discontent evident in Eastern Europe at the time. We republish an article originally written 20 years ago, explaining the events that took place and their significance.


Pakistan: The activities of the Progressive Youth Alliance

Written by the PYA Saturday, 22 October 2016

Multan-Student-Protesting-against-Multan-Board-for-Discrepencies-in-Intermediate-Part-One-Examinations-7Last year the Progressive Youth Alliance was launched in Lahore. This was a landmark event gathering youth from all over Pakistan. Here we publish a report on the latest activities of the PYA, its intervention across Pakistan in recent student protests and its successes in winning leftward moving nationalist youth organisations.


Aleppo, Mosul and Imperialist Hypocrisy

Written by Alan Woods Friday, 21 October 2016

Crocodile tears for Syria LatuffThe saying goes that there are lies, damned lies and statistics. To this list we must add diplomacy, which is lying raised to the level of an art form.


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400 años de la muerte de Shakespeare: un revolucionario en Literatura - III parte

Written by Alan Woods Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Elizabeth I_-_Public_DomainLa época de Shakespeare fue también la época de Maquiavelo. Ese brillante filósofo italiano fue el primer hombre en explicar que la conquista y el mantenimiento del poder político no tienen nada que ver con la moral. El propio Estado es violencia organizada y la toma del poder del Estado sólo puede llevarse a cabo por medios violentos. Los moralistas han criticado al filósofo italiano muy duramente, pero la historia ha demostrado la solidez de su análisis.


Venezuela: La suspensión del referéndum revocatorio, la agudización de la lucha de clases y las tareas de los revolucionarios

Written by Declaración de la Corriente Marxista del PSUV Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Bolivarians taking over parliament 2 - Henry Tesara AVNEl pasado Jueves tribunales penales de los estados Monagas, Carabobo, Aragua y Apure, entre otros estados del país, declararon la nulidad de los efectos de la recolección del 1% de las firmas para la activación del referendo revocatorio, luego de que fueran admitidas las demandas por fraude electoral que fueron introducidas ante éstos, debido a los delitos de forjamiento y usurpación de identidad que fueron cometidos durante dicho proceso. Dicha sentencia, automáticamente implicó la suspensión de la denominada recolección del 20%, como último paso previo para la realización del referendo revocatorio. Acto seguido, el CNE hizo público un comunicado en el que se ordenó la suspensión del proceso de recolección de firmas en todo el país.


Alepo, Mosul y la hipocresía imperialista

Written by Alan Woods Monday, 24 October 2016

Crocodile tears_for_Syria-LatuffSe dice que hay mentiras, malditas mentiras y estadísticas. A esta lista hay que añadir la diplomacia, que ha sido elevada al nivel de una forma de arte.