Austria: Pegida dealt humiliating blow by Marxist led counter-protest

Written by Florian Keller Thursday, 26 March 2015

1On the 22 March the racist, far right group Pegida (Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West) tried to march in Bregenz/Vorarlberg in Austria. The following is a report of the counter-demonstration.


Quebec: thousands on the street as student strike kicks off

Written by Jack Rising and Joel Bergman Thursday, 26 March 2015

quebec-students-protest3On March 21st, thousands of students took to the streets of Montreal to protest austerity. The demonstration was part of the “Spring 2015” anti-austerity movement, organized by various student associations. On Monday March 23rd the student strike was officially kicked off with over 50,000 students commencing strike action which will continue for the next two weeks leading up to a big demonstration on April 2nd. Another 150,000 students will vote for strike actions in the coming days. Many people believe this is the beginning of another “Maple Spring” as was seen during 2012 with hundreds of thousands on the street for several months.


The British Ruling Class: Degenerate, Debauched, Deceitful

Written by Daniel Morley Wednesday, 25 March 2015

rich-pigThat the British ruling class has fiddled whilst Britain burns is no longer a metaphor, it is literally true. Now that the pandora’s box of paedophilic corruption at the top has been opened, an avalanche of vile revelations exposing the whole establishment spews forth each day.


Varoufakis’ mission “to save European capitalism from itself”

Written by Fred Weston Tuesday, 24 March 2015

varoufakisVaroufakis, the Greek Finance Minister, presents himself as a Marxist –albeit an “erratic” one – and is even described as such in the bourgeois media. We would argue that he is a classic reformist who believes that a solution to the present crisis can be found within the capitalist system itself, something which Marx never stood for.


Successful meeting of Communist Tendency of SYRIZA despite attempted sabotage

Written by Communist Tendency of Syriza Tuesday, 24 March 2015

communist-tendency-syrizaLast Saturday, 14th March, the Communist Tendency of SYRIZA held a meeting on SYRIZA’s recent deal with the Eurogroup and what the future looks like for the party.  The event was held at the Gini building in the historic Polytechnic area and drew several dozen youth, SYRIZA activists, and workers. The discussion was held to discuss the political backpedaling of the SYRIZA government in relation to the agreement of the Eurogroup and how communists can fight against this conciliation within SYRIZA by arguing for a bold, socialist programme.


Britain - Labour: trying to serve two masters

Written by Adam Booth Monday, 23 March 2015

Ed Miliband Feb 2013-AnthonyMckWith less than two months to go until the general election, and after five years of falling living standards and Tory austerity, the Con-Dem Coalition is hated and loathed. The Labour Party, by all accounts, should be charging ahead in the polls. Yet Labour find themselves neck-and-neck with the Conservatives as the election campaign picks up steam. The threat of another Tory-led government looms. The responsibility for this lies entirely with the Labour leaders, who have shown themselves to be increasingly out-of-touch from the lives of ordinary people, consistently failing to connect with the real mood of anger and radicalisation that exists across society.


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Israel: ¿Qué significa la victoria de Netanyahu?

Written by Francesco Merli Thursday, 26 March 2015

Con un giro desafiante hacia la derecha y prometiendo que no se establecerá ningún estado palestino mientras él esté en el poder, el primer ministro israelí Netanyahu ha conseguido volcar en el último momento unas encuestas que le eran desfavorables y salir como ganador de las elecciones israelíes del 17 de marzo. Su estrategia (exitosa) se centró en recabar los apoyos de derecha en torno a su persona y en apelar de nuevo a los temores, muy arraigados, de los israelíes de a pie de las amenazas externas al país. ¿Cuáles serán las consecuencias de su victoria en Israel e internacionalmente?


Brasil: Las manifestaciones del 13 y 15 de marzo confirman la crisis de dominación de la burguesía

Written by Declaración de Esquerda Marxista (CMI-Brasil) Wednesday, 25 March 2015

 faixa sp3Las manifestaciones que tuvieron lugar en los días 13 y 15 de marzo son otra característica de la profundización de la nueva situación política abierta en junio de 2013. La presente declaración es un análisis marxista de estos dos eventos, contextualizándolos en la actual situación objetiva de la lucha de clases, señalando las perspectivas y a las acciones necesarias para abrir una salida de la clase trabajadora frente la actual crisis del capital y la quiebra política del Partido de los Trabajadores (PT) y de su gobierno de colaboración de clases.


Andalucía: Victoria de un PSOE en declive, y derrota estrepitosa de la derecha

Written by Lucha de Clases - Spain Tuesday, 24 March 2015

analucia-election-resultsEl PSOE ganó las elecciones al Parlamento de Andalucía, pero retrocedió 4 puntos y perdió más de 100.000 votos con respecto a las elecciones autonómicas de 2012. Su victoria, con una mayoría simple, destacó más por el hundimiento del voto del PP que por el caudal de votos conseguido. El PP pierde medio millón de votos y pasa del 40,6% al 26,7%. El voto del PSOE baja desde el 39,6% de 2012 hasta el 35,4%, el peor resultado conseguido por PSOE en unas elecciones en Andalucía. El voto conjunto PSOE-PP bajó 18 puntos (del 80% al 62%).