90 years since the British General Strike: The lessons for today

Written by James Kilby Wednesday, 04 May 2016

generalstrike1926Beginning at one minute to midnight on the 3rd May, the 1926 General Strike shook the ruling class of Britain to its foundations. Lasting for nine days, the strike showed the enormous power and solidarity of the working class. 4 million trade unionists - out of a total of 5.5 million - responded to the TUC’s call to halt work. Despite no real preparation by the TUC leadership, workers organised - through their own initiative - strike committees up and down the country. Nothing moved without the workers’ permission.


Danish Marxists launch REVOLT – an internationalist weapon in the class struggle

Written by Adnan Khan Wednesday, 04 May 2016

Revolt nr1 Page 1Below we publish the editorial of the new English language paper of the Danish Marxist organisation Revolutionary Socialists the new paper is aimed at the many non-Danish speaking workers and youth in Denmark.


South Africa: The EFF before the elections—a manifestation of the radical mood

Written by Ben Morken Tuesday, 03 May 2016

eff-manifesto-launch-1The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) threw down the gauntlet to the rest of the their political rivals on Saturday at its mass rally to launch their manifesto for the 3 August local government elections.


New Kurdish translations of introductions to Marxist theory

Written by In Defence of Marxism Tuesday, 03 May 2016

imtflagWe are pleased to announce that over the past few weeks we have received several Kurdish translations of important introductions to Marxist theory by Alan Woods and Rob Sewell. These works (See links here: Introduction to Historical Materialism and Civilization, Barbarism and the Marxist view of History) have been published in the form of a book and, according to our information, have already been distributed and well received.


Obama's Visit to Cuba: A Spoonful of Sugar

Written by Timothy Bay Monday, 02 May 2016

obama-cuba latuffThe US embargo and constant imperialist aggression for over 55 years against Cuba have failed in the aim of destabilizing the Cuban government. Instead, the Cuban people have shown remarkable courage and steadfastness in resisting all of the maneuvers of American imperialism and in defending the numerous gains of Cuban revolution—gains ranging from Cuba's often praised medical system, to the literacy campaigns of the revolution's early days, and, of course, the planned economy that made them possible.


Canadian Marxists launch campaign to hire new full-time revolutionary

Written by Fightback (Canada) Monday, 02 May 2016

Farshad campaign 6Fightback is launching a campaign to hire its fourth full-time organizer. Our aim is to unite revolutionary youth in the struggle for free education, student-worker solidarity, and for a socialist alternative to austerity. This initiative comes after important successes over the past several years, including the hiring of our first full-time organizer in Quebec and the opening of our first office in Toronto.


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Estado Español: Por qué necesitamos una alianza entre Podemos e Izquierda Unida

Written by Miguel Jiménez Wednesday, 04 May 2016

iu-podemosLa convocatoria de elecciones para el 26 de Junio es ya una realidad. Las direcciones de Podemos e Izquierda Unida, junto con las confluencias en Catalunya y Galicia (En Comú Podem y En Marea, respectivamente), además de Compromís en el País Valenciano, están en conversaciones de cara a lograr un pacto global a la izquierda del PSOE en el conjunto del Estado español. Desde la corriente Lucha de Clases estamos totalmente a favor de lograr dicha alianza.


V Congreso de la Esquerda Marxista de Brasil: Por la Internacional, por el Socialismo

Written by Corriente Socialista Militante - Argentina Tuesday, 03 May 2016

Congreso Esquerda Marxista 2016Del 22 al 24 de abril en Barra do Sul se llevó adelante el 5to congreso de nuestra organización hermana, la Esquerda Marxista, Sección del Brasil de la Corriente Marxista Internacional.


Argentina: La derecha da un paso al frente ante la impotencia del reformismo. La respuesta es el Socialismo

Written by Corriente Socialista Militante Monday, 02 May 2016

imtflagLa sed del gobierno macrista por recuperar los años “dilapidados” después del Argentinazo pareciera, por momentos, que pierde la perspectiva política desde su asunción el 10 de diciembre último. Esta pérdida de perspectiva política es la que hace que el gobierno de los empresarios crea que con el triunfo de diciembre, la burguesía a través de él podrá avanzar contra las conquistas que costaron años de lucha por parte de los trabajadores y los sectores populares.