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Piketty’s Capital and the spectre of inequality

Written by Adam Booth Friday, 29 August 2014

Piketty in Almedalen-Anders Lowdin-thThomas Piketty, a French economist and academic, has become an overnight sensation thanks to his book “Capital in the Twenty-First Century”, a bestseller that has sparked debate on all sides for its detailed analysis of inequality under capitalism, with elation and praise from the reformist left, and horror and fright from the free-market right.


The Ice Bucket Challenge: How Can We Really Cure ALS?

Written by John Peterson Wednesday, 27 August 2014

als thThe “Ice Bucket Challenge” has gone certifiably viral. Countless videos showing people dousing themselves with buckets of ice water have flooded social media. Everyone from GW Bush to Will Smith to Britney Spears to your next-door neighbor to half your High School classmates are joining in the late-summer antics and nominating someone else to do it. If the challenge is not met within 24 hours, the nominee is supposed to donate to the ALS Association. Some people donate no matter what. Others donate to non-ALS charities. Others just want to have a bit of fun. In theory, this is all being done to “raise awareness about ALS.” As a result of this campaign, an estimated 740,000 people have donated $42 million to the ALS Association since June 29. But what does it all mean? Is “raising awareness” enough? Do most people even know what ALS is? Is this really a way to “create a world without ALS”?


100 years after the Komagata Maru — the war on refugees continues

Written by Farshad Azadian Monday, 01 September 2014

komagata-maru-thThe 100th anniversary of the Komagata Maru incident has brought into focus the history of Canada’s immigration policy. The anniversary of this mass deportation has been marked by coverage and specials in the mainstream press, by statements from politicians, as well as remembrance ceremonies, particularly in the Sikh-Canadian community. 


Italy: Festa Rossa – a resounding success!

Written by FalceMartello Monday, 25 August 2014

From the minute comrades began to set up the stage, a week before the event was due to opAlan speaking-then, it was clear that the times were ripe for the return of our national Red Festival (Festa Rossa) for the 4th year. As soon as the first comrades set foot in the XXII Aprile park, in the city of Modena, mounting tents, stages, kitchens and various stands, dozens of people from the neighbourhood came to us expressing their delight that the communist gathering had returned to the area.


The Jammu Kashmir National Student Federation in solidarity with the people of Palestine

Written by Danial Arif Monday, 25 August 2014

rally-in-r-thThe JKNSF organised protests rallies in many cities of Kashmir in solidarity with Palestinians and against the imperialist aggression in Gaza which has killed hundreds of innocent citizens.


USA: Notes From Ferguson

Written by St. Louis Workers International League Friday, 22 August 2014

Ferguson hands up dont shoot-light brigading-thAs the protests in Ferguson, MO, enter their 12th day, following the shooting of Michael Brown by local police, the Workers International League (US section of the IMT) continues to intervene in this spontaneous upsurge, in Ferguson itself, and on the campuses in the area. These events mark a qualitative turning point in the class struggle in the United States. It is already being recognized as an event for which there will be a “before” and an “after,” even by the talking heads in the media and the representatives of the capitalist political establishment.


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La I Guerra Mundial – Parte II: al borde del abismo

Written by Alan Woods Friday, 29 August 2014

Wilhelm II 1905-thLos autodenominados filósofos del postmodernismo niegan la posibilidad de encontrar una explicación racional a la historia de la humanidad. Se alega que no hay leyes generales, ni factores objetivos que se escondan detrás de la conducta de los individuos y determinen su psicología y comportamiento. Desde este punto de vista – el punto de vista de la subjetividad extrema – toda la historia está determinada por individuos que actúan según su propia voluntad. Tratar de encontrar una lógica interna en este mar turbulento y sin ley sería un ejercicio tan inútil como tratar de predecir la fuerza y posición precisas de una partícula subatómica individual.


El gobierno de Kiev desaloja por la fuerza a los manifestantes que quedaban de la Plaza Maidan

Written by Peter Mikhailenko Wednesday, 27 August 2014

El alcalde de Kiev, Vitali Klitschko y el gobierno ucraniano han desalojado a los últimos manifestantes del Euromaidan, desmantelando las tiendas de campaña de los manifestantes y reemplazándolas por una oficina de reclutamiento del ejército. Al declarar que los objetivos del Euromaidan se han cumplido y que el movimiento ya no es necesario, Kiev está reinando en el movimiento que le ha llevado al poder.


Ucrania: el vuelo MH17 - el imperialismo y el arte de la hipocresía

Written by Alan Woods Monday, 25 August 2014

La muerte de aproximadamente 300 hombres, mujeres y niños inocentes en un vuelo de Malaysian Airline ha conmovido al mundo. El vuelo MH17 desde Ámsterdam a Kuala Lumpur estaba cruzando la región ucraniana del conflicto cuando desapareció del radar. Un total de 283 pasajeros, incluyendo unos 80 niños, y 15 miembros de la tripulación estaban a bordo.