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This section deals with the major aspects of Marxist theory: dialectical materialism, historical materialism, Marxist economics, the class nature of the USSR, the colonial revolution, and more.

Recent highlights:

The myths about Marxism

Written by Marxist Student Federation Wednesday, 16 April 2014

marx-face-thumbThe past two decades have witnessed a barrage of propaganda against Marxism and its revolutionary heritage. Since the collapse of Stalinism – not socialism, but a monstrously deformed caricature of Marxism - from one front to another the mainstream media, universities, professors and historians have gone on the offensive to discredit Marxism. We examine here the most common myths about Marxism and socialism.


Marxism and Feminism in the student movement

Written by Marxist Student Federation - Britain Wednesday, 19 March 2014

fight-back-against-womens-oppression-thumbThe ideas of Feminism have traditionally found support in universities, and these ideas are currently enjoying a surge in popularity amongst students. At a time when the ideas of Marxism are also finding a growing echo in the student movement, what attitude do Marxists take towards different feminist ideas? How far are these schools of thought compatible? What are the points of contention between them? And what does it mean to call yourself a “Marxist-Feminist”?


Lessons of the Paris Commune

Written by Leon Trotsky Tuesday, 18 March 2014

paris commune-thToday marks the anniversary of the beginning of the Paris Commune, where the working class for the first time in history, took power into its own hands. On this occasion we republish the following classic work by Leon Trotsky about the lessons of the Commune.


The Great Miners' Strike in Britain: Why we fought

Written by Ian Isaac, Former Lodge Secretary, St John’s NUM and Executive Council Member, South Wales NUM. Thursday, 13 March 2014

miners strike picket-thThe first few weeks of March 2014 will be a time of deep reflection for hundreds of thousands of people across the UK who will recall what they were doing when the 1984/85 coal miners’ strike began.


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