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This section deals with the major aspects of Marxist theory: dialectical materialism, historical materialism, Marxist economics, the class nature of the USSR, the colonial revolution, and more.

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Reading Guide: An Introduction to Marxism

Written by In Defence of Marxism Tuesday, 09 December 2014

A reading guide to the fundamental ideas of Marxism.


Introduction to Revolution and Counterrevolution in Spain

Written by Alan Woods Friday, 05 December 2014

image1Recently the Spanish Marxist Tendency Lucha de Clases published a new edition of Felix Morrow's classic Revolution and counterrevolution in Spain with a new introduction by Alan Woods. The launch meetings in Spain have been a great success and the book has already been sold out and a second edition is in preparation. Today we are publishing the introduction by Alan Woods which provides a brief analysis of the reasons for the defeat of the Spanish Revolution of 1931-37 while also dealing with the resurgence of the Spanish workers' movement in the 1960s and 70s and drawing the lessons for today.


A comment on Howard Zinn's "Terrorism and War"

Written by Christopher Hill Monday, 10 November 2014

douglas brown - Howard Zinn - thumbBarack Obama has declared his intention to return to open intervention in the Middle East, but the antiwar movement remains too paralyzed to make sense of the situation. It may seem odd to be reviewing a book that is now past its twelfth birthday, but the content of this book is incredibly relevant to today’s world, and a proper understanding of its virtues and failings may prove useful in light of recent events. Author Howard Zinn was widely respected as a revolutionary scholar and friend of the oppressed. This reputation is well deserved, but Zinn was never a Marxist, and his analysis of war and terrorism is based more on bourgeois morality than on a real understanding of the class struggle.


97th anniversary of the russian revolution

Written by International Marxist Tendency Friday, 07 November 2014

Lenin-Trotsky 1920-05-20 Sverdlov Square-highlightOn the 97th anniversary of the Russian Revolution, we commemorate this great event by recommending three works of Ted Grant and Alan Woods: Russia: from Revolution to Counter-Revolution by Ted Grant (1997), The Meaning of October by Alan Woods (November 1992) and Russian revolution: 50 Years after by Ted Grant (November 1967).


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