Appeal: Help the Publication of Second Edition of Permanent Revolution in Indonesia

Four years ago in 2009, Indonesian comrades of IMT published for the first time Indonesian version of Permanent Revolution. With the historic launch of that book, the construction of a genuine Bolshevik organization in Indonesia began. Through the pages of this book, the comrades are building the foundation of Indonesian Marxism. IMT’s Wellred, working together with a local progressive publisher Resist Jogja, is now looking to print the second edition of Permanent Revolution that comes with an improved translation.

Read the introduction to this book by Alan Woods in English and Bahasa Indonesian

The publication of this book has garnered a wide interest in Indonesia, especially amongst the youth who are eager to find an alternative to the catastrophic ideas of Stalinism. After the 1965-66 genocidal destruction of the Indonesian Communist Party, the new layer of communists formed in the late 80s and early 90s have been unfortunately educated in the spirit of anti-Trotskyism. They have been told the same lies that were manufactured by the Stalinist bureaucracy in the dark dungeon of Lubyanka, that Trotsky was a traitor who colluded with the Nazi, that he conspired to overthrow the Soviet by posing as a Communist, that he and his ‘Menshevik’ ideas of Permanent Revolution were Lenin’s arch enemy, etc. All these slanders were swallowed by these brave youth without having access to his works, since none of Trotsky’s works were ever translated into Bahasa Indonesia

With the translation and publication of Permanent Revolution in 2009 (followed by Revolution Betrayed in 2011 and Transitional Programme in 2012), these myths about the evil Trotskyism are starting to lose their grips. Thinking youth and workers can now read for the first time the ideas of Trotsky, who alone has maintained the spirit and tradition of October Revolution alive in the face of darkness that is Stalinism. The importance of the publication of Trotsky’s books in Indonesia cannot be exaggerated.

There are an increasing demand of Trotsky’s ideas in Indonesia. To date, the Indonesian comrades have sold 1000 copies of Permanent Revolution (First Edition, SOLD OUT), 1100 Revolution Betrayed, and 650 Transititional Program. These great achievements by the Indonesian comrades would not have been possible without the generous financial support of readers and IMT supporters around the world.

Help the Indonesian Comrades of IMT Publish the Second Edition of Indonesian Version of Permanent Revolution!

As we seek to publish the second edition of Permanent Revolution in Indonesia, which will be out by May 2013, we appeal to our comrades, supporters, and readers of around the world to help us publish this important work of Trotsky in Indonesia by donating money. This time around we will print 1500 copies, which will cost Wellred US$3000, a large amount of money in a country like Indonesia where more than 50% of the population make below $2 a day. Thus, we appeal to every revolutionaries around the world to help our comrades in Indonesia so that they can access the most important theory of Marxism and rearm themselves with the correct revolutionary perspective. Your donation, however small it is, will go a long way.

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