Held shortly after the Greek trade union leaders have signed a disappointing agreement with the bosses, this year’s rallies were small but the workers and youth present expressed a militant mood.

We have just been informed that yesterday the Greek government has withdrawn from its plans to close the plant in Thessaloniki. They say it will reopen "partially". This is a big victory for the workers after two months of determined struggle. For now the solidarity appeal is suspended as we await the outcome.

Representatives of the Editorial Board of “Marxistiki Foni” met the workers of the fertilizer factory in Thessaloniki, who had once again come down to Athens (a 6-hour train journey), to protest in front of the Ministry of Labour against the closure of their factory. We publish the announcement of their union. We should all support their struggle!

Another massive general strike rocked Greek society on March 15. This came about in a situation of growing class conflict. The result has been a big fall in support for the present right wing New Democracy government. The Greek bosses are now openly discussing the possibility of French contagion in Greece.

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