As our readers can see the major Greek newspaper, Proto Thema, has launched several attacks on the Greek Marxists in the Communist Tendency of SYRIZA and their programme. On this occasion we republish the programme of the Greek Marxists, initially written in 2012. This programme has many lessons for revolutionaries throughout the world.

On 19 January, for the second consecutive Sunday, the Greek newspaper “Proto Thema” - which has wide circulation in Greece - devoted 2 pages to discussing the ideas of the Greek Marxists - The Communist Tendency of SYRIZA. The real “interest” of Proto Thema, of course, is to expose the "extreme" ideas of the Marxists. However, the practical result they achieve, as you will see, is to summarize the Marxist programme and provide it with wide circulation. What ultimately is passed from this interview to the  average reader, tormented by Memoranda and the onslaught of capitalism, is not the "terror" for the communists and SYRIZA, but the argument of the need for a fundamental, revolutionary change in society.

This article was written before the arrests of the leadership of Golden Dawn. However, the analysis it contains has been absolutely confirmed by the subsequent events. The Communist Tendency follows the developments and will publish further articles with our analysis and conclusions.

The leader of SYRIZA, Alexis Tsipras, visited Vienna recently where he spoke at the Bruno Kreisky Forum, drawing much attention. However, instead of appearing as the fiery left leader that some expected he posed as a reasonable social democrat.

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