Greece: Manolis Glezos calls on Syriza leaders to end “dialogue” with creditors

The party leadership must respond to Manolis Glezos’s appeal for the “dialogue” with the extortionists to end! (First published Monday, 15 June, 2015)

The Communist Tendency of SYRIZAcommunist-tendency-syriza – in defending the necessary break with the extortionist lenders and with their capitalist friends in Greece to be achieved through the implementation of an anti-capitalist socialist programme that can only be guaranteed through the mass mobilisation of the working class, the youth, and the impoverished layers of society – declares its support for Monday’s appeal on the part of comrade Manolis Glezos to the Greek Prime Minister for the “dialogue” with the extortionists to be brought to an end!  Below follows the text of Manolis Glezos’s recent appeal:

“From Maximos Mansion* to the Squares!

“In these critical times, when the people of Greece are astounded and discovering day by day the [real] position of the lenders; now, that the threats are more evident than ever; at a time when the opposition is demanding that the government agrees to further cuts to wages, pensions and workers’ rights, and at a time when the opposition is aligning with the demands of the lenders for further tax increases and for the relinquishing of public property; at such a time, the Prime Minister must bring to an end the endless “dialogue” with the lenders, and he must meet the Greek people in the squares; he must inform and engage the people in meaningful dialogue; and together with the people, a solution exists; and it shall be one that is painful for the lenders and for anyone who has chosen to stand on the side of the lenders”.

[*Note: Maximos Mansion is the official residence of the Greek Prime Minister]