Greece: A unique opportunity to overturn the humiliating agreement!

Support the draft law presented by the Communist Party of Greece! A unique opportunity to overturn the humiliating agreement!

[Statement of the Communist Tendency of SYRIZA]

communist-tendency-syrizaThe Communist Tendency of SYRIZA declares its full support for the initiative of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) to submit a draft law to parliament to repeal the memorandums. Every left SYRIZA MP now has the opportunity to criticise the humiliating agreement with the Troika which was signed by the government. This, provides an opportunity to force the leadership of the party and the government to turn back from this deal with the Troika and free the country from the constraints placed upon it by the creditors and their policies.

The draft law presented by the Communist Party provides a great opportunity to send a clear message of working class unity and determination to struggle. By voting for the law proposed by the KKE today, the left MP's of SYRIZA can reverse the mood of frustration which has spread within the working people after the latest developments. They can demonstrate, in practice, that with the unity of the left, big social and political changes - which are written into the party’s founding principles - can become a reality immediately. 

Those members who refuse to vote for the proposal of the Communist Party and who join the bourgeois parties in the voting should be aware that they are choosing a camp which officially puts them in opposition to the interests of those who elected them. The Communist tendency of SYRIZA, has repeatedly criticised from a Marxist point of view, in writing, the tactics of the leadership of the Communist Party, because they weaken the unity of the working class, which is a vital issue. It now congratulates the Communist comrades for taking up this proposal and offering a real opportunity to act rather than talk - for the overturn of the memorandum policies and for the unity of those who defend the rights and interests of working people.