More Protest Messages sent to President Musharraf and to the Governor of Punjab

More protest messages sent to President Musharraf and to the Governor of Punjab

To whom it may concern,

I have recently heard about the dramatic events in Lahore whereby nearly a dozen of left activists were attacked today by islamic fundamentalists on the street, just during the registering of unemployed young people. The police, observing the whole attack, did not intervene to hold the fundamentalist gang back but let them to beat the left activists so bad that they had to be brought to hospital. That is another good example of the working together of police and the islamic fundamentalists against political opponents. it fits into your totalitarian regime of oppressing any voice from the opressed layers.

Two days before, you "worked" with the fundamentalists together, yesterday you "fought" them in the name of american imperialism and today you are working obviously againg with them against the workers and unemployed movement.

That is the regime of Pervez Musharaf AND the islamic fundamentalists, two of the most reactionary elements on the sub-indian continent. It would be a joke to ask you to punish the responsible police officers and this rotten gang of fundamentlists

In the name of the comitee I want to express my deepest feelings of solidarity with the comrades and in supporting their fight

Elisabeth Mandl

Chairwoman of the shop steward commitee KuS
Member of the GPA

Dear Sirs,

The Workers International League in the United States wishes to express
its most bitter revulsion and outrage at the conduct and behaviour of your
government in the recent attack by thugs of Islami Jamiat Tulba on
activists of the PTUDC and the Unemployed Youth Movement in the city of
Lahore as policemen stood by. This is an absolute outrage, it is barbarism
and the workers and youth the world over will not, unlike your policemen
in Lahore, stand by and watch passively.

Through two hundred years of the international Labor Movement, the working
class has suffered countless attacks and outrages such as those that have
been repeatedly committed by your government. We will not stand idly by as
our brother and sister workers in Pakistan are attacked, we will offer
them every assistance with the most powerfull weapon ever invented - the
organized working class. We will raise this issue in every university,
trade union branch and any other organization we can.

National Committee of the Workers International League (US.)


LA CORRIENTE MARXISTA DE VENEZUELA, se hace solidaria al repudio internacional ante el brutal ataque realizado en contra de los camaradas pakistaníes. Manifestamos nuestro total rechazo a estas agresiones y nuestra convicción que estas cobardes acciones no detendrán el empuje, la voluntad y la valentía de nuestros camaradas pakistaníes.