The latest edition of the Asian Marxist Review is shortly coming out. Here we provide the editorial statement, which outlines the plight of the workers and poor of the South Asian subcontinent, but also points to the movement in Iran as confirmation of the enormous potential for revolt among the masses.

Although there is much talk of economic boom in Asia, there are two sides to this. The deafening blare and bluster of the growth rates in India, China and other Asian countries has become a stigma and a curse for teeming millions being subjected to this rapacious capitalist growth, and with it comes greater social instability and class struggle.

"US imperialism faces not only a humiliating defeat at the hands of the Iraqi resistance, but faces the threat of a mass movement, which could explode at any time, in the United States itself." This is the editorial of the Autumn 2006 issue of the Asian Marxist Review.

These are convulsive and testing times. After more than three decades, history is once again on the move. Events have acquired a ferocious velocity. People are at the same time spectators and victims of this brutalizing capitalism. The economies grow but the living standards of the masses fall. The masses are yearning for change.

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