The mightiest imperial power in history is in the throes of decay and degeneration. A crumbling economy, record deficits and wars they cannot win have shattered the confidence of the Unites States ruling class. Its strategists are lurching from one blunder to another. The highest ever unemployment, a jobless recovery, pessimistic economic forecasts and the ever rising debts have created uncertainty amongst the working masses and doom and gloom overshadows society.

The Summer 2010 edition of the Asian Marxist Review is soon coming out. Here we provide the Editorial, which makes a comment on the crisis affecting all Asian countries to one degree or another.

The Editor of the Asian Marxist Review comments on the growing turmoil in South Asia, the Iranian revolution, the tensions in Israel/Palestine and highlights how all this is inevitably preparing the ground for a resurgence of class struggle.

The declining economic and financial power of the United States has its political ramifications throughout the whole of the Middle East, as social upheaval increases and the reactionary regimes fear for their very survival in the coming period.

The latest edition of the Asian Marxist Review is shortly coming out. Here we provide the editorial statement, which outlines the plight of the workers and poor of the South Asian subcontinent, but also points to the movement in Iran as confirmation of the enormous potential for revolt among the masses.

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