Here we provide excerpts from the Rules voted at the 1872 congress of the First International which established the powers of the General Council, which sections would be recognized and which not, i.e. expelled. There was a special section on the expulsion of Bakunin and his organization because "the secret Alliance was established with rules entirely opposed to those of the International."

The Franco-German War and the Civil War in France were preceded, accompanied, and followed by a third war - the war against the International Working Men's Association. Following the defeat of the Paris Commune, the International was faced with a concerted onslaught of reaction, aggravated by the internal intrigues by both the anarchists and the agents of the state.

Bakunin wanted the International to be, not an organization for political struggle but a copy of the ideal society of the future, with no leaders and no authority, for authority = state = an absolute evil. The authority of the majority over the minority also ceases. Every individual and every community is autonomous. But as to how is any society to function, unless each gives up some of his, or her, autonomy?

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Revolution 2018 - a three-day festival of Marxist ideas
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