Support the Marxists of SYRIZA!

With the June 17 elections, Greece has entered into a new period. Austerity programmes have left the Greek economy in tatters and the working class have faced an onslaught of unprecedented proportions. The deepening of the capitalist crisis in Greece poses the need for socialism more clearly than ever before. The Greek Marxists have carried out a determined struggle for Marxism and a socialist programme, but they need your help.

Since 2007, the Greek economy has shrunk by more than 13%. Wages have fallen by an average of 30% and since the May elections the bosses have been asking for even bigger reductions. Youth unemployment is at 44% and total unemployment around 22%. The economy is in free fall, and the crisis has only begun.

The workers have answered the austerity programme with 18 general strikes but the ruling class is unrelenting. The workers have now turned to SYRIZA to redress their grievances with a massive swing, first in May and now also in June. The political situation is becoming increasingly polarised. The centre ground is quickly disappearing, with SYRIZA moving ahead. The fascists are also beginning to rear their ugly heads. Events are rapidly moving in a revolutionary direction.

Although the workers in Greece have shown their willingness to fight, time and time again, what has been lacking has been the leadership necessary to overthrow capitalism. The programme and leadership of SYRIZA are important steps forward compared to the PASOK but the leadership stops short of preparing the working class to seize power.

Now more than ever, Greece needs a strong Marxist tendency to put forward a socialist alternative. However, the comrades in Greece need financial resources. The crisis has weakened their financial position, precisely when they need to take a step forward and they have asked for our assistance. They have even had to introduce a special hardship fund for a small number of their comrades who cannot even afford to buy enough food. They are asking for our help with subsidies to take 13 comrades to the congress of the IMT this summer and for help in financing an office in Athens for one year. The total cost would be €5,000. We are asking all our readers to help raise this money.

In Defence of Marxism