Financial Appeal: Help us bring a delegate from El Salvador to the IMT conference

This August the IMT will be holding its international conference in Greece. Comrades from all over the world, from New Zealand to Argentina, from Spain to Sweden, from Pakistan to Canada, will be gathering to discuss the world situation and the tasks for revolutionary Marxists.

This involves spending a large amount of money. Comrades in different countries will be raising the money for the tickets and accommodation of their delegates. However, in the case of backward dominated capitalist countries, the amount of money needed is beyond the reach of the comrades.

The IMT will already be providing assistance to comrades coming from Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Venezuela, Pakistan and other countries, so that they can exercise their democratic right to be present and participate in the discussions.

bpj logoWe are therefore appealing for donations from our readers and supporters around the world to raise the necessary finance to bring a delegate from the Bloque Popular Juvenil from El Salvador. The BPJ (Peoples’ Youth  Bloc) is an organisation which was set up in 2002/2003 by young activists of the FMLN, the country’s main left-wing party. They were born in the months-long struggle against the privatisation of healthcare in which it played a leading role.

A few years later the comrades contacted the Mexican comrades of the IMT and after a process of political discussion and common work, they agreed to join the International Marxist Tendency in 2008.

portada miltante 331The organisation is composed of young workers and students in the main, conducting work in defence of the ideas of revolutionary Marxism in the local branches of the FMLN, in the students movement as well as in the trade unions.

In its short history, the BPJ has suffered from state repression under the previous right-wing regime, with comrades injured by the police, and one of its members disappeared, etc.

The BPJ participated actively in the two campaigns which led to the victory of the FMLN in the elections and its paper is widely circulated amongst the ranks of the FMLN, the youth and the trade union movement.

1mayoesbpj copyWe need to raise €2,000 to pay for the ticket and accommodation of a delegate from the BPJ to the IMT world conference. Please donate generously in the best traditions of proletarian internationalism.


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