Resolution on tunisia

This resolution on tunisia was approved unanimously at the conference of FalceMartello, the Marxist wing of the Italian PRC, two days ago. It calls for international solidarity with the struggles in the Maghreb - a call which we wholeheartedly endorse.

This congress, representing the revolutionary workers, trade unionists and youth of Italy, expresses its firm support for the uprising of youth in Tunisia, which is inspiring revolt in Algeria and other countries. We condemn the repressive actions of the reactionary Tunisian regime.

The youth of North Africa is fighting for its elementary rights: the right to a job, to a decent living standard, the right to a future, the right to live. These aspirations are shared by the workers and youth of Italy, Europe, and the whole world. We demand an and to repression and the immediate release of all prisoners. We call on the labour movement of Italy and the whole of Europe to organise solidarity with our brothers and sisters in North Africa.

  • Down with repression!

  • For the right to work!

  • Long live the heroic youth of Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco who are fighting for their rights!

  • Workers of the world, unite!

Bologna, 9th of January 2011