Excellent response to solidarity appeal

We would like to thank all readers and supporters of In Defence of Marxism for the marvellous response we got for the appeal to help the comrades in El Salvador who suffered a brutal criminal attack. The total amount we have raised through dozens of small amount donations, is just under 4000 euro. This shows the real internationalist spirit of revolution. 

We’d like to thank, among many others, those who donated online: comrades CB, PL, MG, TM, DC and JK from Britain, comrade MV from Italy, comrade RA from Canada, comrade ND from France, comrades FBL and RP from Brazil, comrade OE from Switzerland, comrade AN from Australia, comrade JL from Sweden, comrades DV, JD, DS, AH and GA from unidentified locations around the world.

Here's the latest report we have received from the comrades:

First of all, comrade Ely is almost fully recovered and as well as being fully involved in the political work, she has also been able to go back to her job.

During the recent visit to El Salvador we had a chance to visit comrade Fredy in hospital. I was able to go there three times, while sedatives were being progressively withdrawn, and each time one could see slight progress. His movements are still very limited (eyes, feet, mouth, hands), though one can see he responds and is partially conscious and aware. The comrade spent a month in the Intensive Care Unit and has now been moved to the neurology ward.

Assisted breathing machine has also now been withdrawn. It is hoped that in the next few weeks he might regain the ability to speak. 

The doctors' opinion is that there will be longer term consequences, though these cannot be yet fully determined. There are serious lesions in both sides of the brain. The hospital is providing rehabilitation therapy but only for as long as Fredy stays there. As soon as his condition allows it, however, he will be discharged, and after that rehabilitation treatment will be limited.

The comrades are discussing the possibility of sending Fredy to Cuba where there is an advanced neurology rehabilitation centre. This treatments needs to be paid, but there are options of discounts of up to 50 or 70% for institutions. For this to happen, the FMLN itself would have to apply for it.

Fredy is well known in the FMLN and he was in charge of political education in a local branch. The members and leading officers there are very friendly and have Fredy in high esteem. They have promised to raise the issue with the national leadership. The comrades are exploring all avenues to make this possible.

The international collection that was raised could be used to pay for part of these costs.