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Oxford Marxists: After Charlottesville - fighting fascism and the far right



Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1529114763801493/
Location: Gillese–Badun room, Wadham College
(same as last week, note the change from the first two weeks)

Recent events such as Brexit, the election of Trump, the growing popularity of far-right parties in Europe has caused alarm among all those who fear a re-emergence of the ideology of war, genocide, and hate: fascism. The violent demonstration by white nationalists and neonazis in Charlottesville, who murdered an anti-racist left-wing activist, brought attention to a burgeoning fascist movement in the US.

The threat of Fascism is too important to be left to simple moral panic. We must have a sober analysis of what fascism is, its class basis, how it relates to far-right groups, and – very importantly – how it can be fought.

Join the Oxford Marxists for a discussion on the nature of fascism and how to fight the far right.

Everyone is welcome! As usual, there'll be time for discussion in the meeting and we'll make our way to the King's Arms pub afterwards!