QMUL Marxists: The life and ideas of Che Guevara


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/175760386333075
Venue: Francis Bancroft Room G.13 (ground floor), Mile End Campus

50 years since the death of the great Cuban revolutionary figure Che Guevara, the QMUL Marxist Society will discuss his life, influence, and his political ideas.

Che was a figure adored by revolutionaries across the world, and also detested by the right-wing. Even now the bourgeois media and apologists for capitalist will not cease their slanders and lies about Che and the Cuban Revolution.

The discussion will also touch upon the tragectory of the Cuban revolution after Che's death, and where it is currently heading.

Thursday 12th October, Francis Bancroft Room G.13 (ground floor), Mile End Campus.