Oxford Marxists: The struggle for a socialist Catalan republic


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1461479457274345
Venue: Gillese–Badun from, Wadham College

In recent weeks, the decades-old question of Catalan independence has reached new levels of significance. Against a backdrop of repression from all the institutions of the Spanish state, the 1st October referendum went ahead through the mass mobilisation and self-organisation of the Catalan people. In a strong show of defiance, hundreds of thousands were determined to overcome all obstacles to exercise their right of self-determination. The brutal scenes of police violence directed against people peacefully queuing outside polling stations have dominated headlines worldwide, and have unleashed a new wave of unrest in the form of spontaneous mass protests and a general strike. The masses have entered the scene, pushing the wavering nationalist leadership far beyond their comfort zone, terrified of the movement they have unleashed.

While the Catalan bourgeoisie and their representatives in the Generalitat try to bide their time with half-measures and ambiguous declarations, the movement for independence in Catalonia takes an ever more revolutionary character, posing an existential threat to the regime created during the so-called “Transition” after the death of Franco, and opening an opportunity to bring it down throughout Spain.

At this week’s meeting, Arturo Rodríguez, a former student and founder of the Oxford Marxists, will join us via video link from Barcelona, with an eye-witness report on the latest developments and a Marxist analysis of the national question in the context of the Spanish 1978 regime.

Everyone is welcome! As usual, there'll be time for discussion in the meeting and we'll make our way to the King's Arms pub afterwards!