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Soton Marxists: The Brexit fiasco and the socialist alternative



Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/709489562569612
Venue: Room 06/1083 The Nuffield Theatre, Highfield Campus, Southampton University

Almost one and a half years on from the EU referendum there is still no consensus over Brexit. No solution that the politicians have put forward seems able to unite the country in agreement. No solution under capitalism, that is.

Join Soton Marxists at 18:30 on Wednesday to discuss the Brexit Fiasco and the Socialist Alternative. A lead-off by Josh Holroyd, a member of the Executive Committee of Socialist Appeal, will be followed, as usual, by an open floor discussion where anyone may contribute and then a summary of the discussion will be given by Josh. All welcome to attend, whatever your political ideas or even if you don't consider yourself political at all. We will head to the pub afterwards for further, less formal discussion.