UCLU Marxists: Will there be a revolution in Britain?


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The last two years have seen an unprecidented amount of turmoil in British politics. With Jeremy Corbyn at its head, the right-wing Blairites, and the british capitalists have seemingly lost control of the Labour Party. Following a confident closing speech at this year's Labour Party conference, it is clear to all that Jeremy Corbyn is set to be the next Prime Minister. The capitalist class, in turn, is now looking at how they can control him and soften the programme of a Left Labour government.

There’s never been a better time to be a revolutionary in Britain. So do join along our meeting as we discuss the revolutionary implications of the recent political events in Britain, and whether it is possible to see a Socialist revolution here. We will also discuss how we can get involved and organise the Labour party, the trade unions, and the student movement.

All welcome!! As usual, we will make our way to the IoE pub afterwards!